First Ever Blog

Hello one and all, welcome to the very first Gaffers Sports Blog. Feel a bit nervous doing this actually. Hope you enjoy it and please give me comments, careful what you write I am sensitive.

I wanted to use this as a tool to help me develop my writing, so its only my view if I offend so be it, if it provokes debate even better.

Here we go……

I really don’t understand what Formula 1 is trying to achieve. How can they make the simple sport of 20 petrol heads driving round some of the finest racing circuits in the world such hard work? Surely the fastest one wins and the rest don’t.

Stop making it complicated and you might improve your fan base, sponsorship and viewing figures. I’d personally like to see a wooden spoon given to the one who finishes last – probably Lewis Hamilton this year I might add.

As a cricket fan I feel the tour of the Windies (fectionate name given to the West Indies cricket team) has proven to be an absolute disaster with our only win coming courtesy of Mr John Dyson, Windies Coach, mis-reading of the D/L (Duckworth/Lewis) method.

We need to take a long, hard look at ourselves and sort the problems quickly. We have the Windies at home in preparation of the Ashes, appoint a coach and make drastic changes. Harmison has to retire, surely?

This has annoyed me for a long time but thankfully its the International break in football and ‘Arry Redknapp can try and keep quiet for a few days.

I’m sick of hearing his voice, ”triffic’ player this, unbalanced side that, Ledley not for England, Ledley for England, too many games, O’Neill doesn’t only buy english players etc etc etc.

Sorry ‘Arry have a breather and please try and keep quiet for a few weeks.

Finally, I saw in a well-known booker makers, Germany are 1/66 to beat Leichtenstein in a World Cup Qualifier, with the underdogs coming in at 66/1. Thats amazing. I was curious to have a £1 on them but it can’t happen, can it?

Thats me for now, hope you like my blog and see you soon.


P.s. Congratulation to the Irish Rugby Team on winning both the Six Nations and the Grand Slam last week.

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