The Contenders Do Battle

This weekend see’s the second battle this season between the top two teams in the Premier League after a feisty encounter (pictured above) in the FA Community Shield back in August of this year.

Chelsea won on penalties (4-1) and the signs back then indicated that these two clubs looked the strongest going into the season and as it stands with a mere two points separating the sides going into this clash.

So who will you be following when the whistle blows to kick the match off on Sunday just after 4pm?

For what it is worth I’m going for Chelsea!

Couple of reasons back this up; I am a fan of Carlo Ancelotti he seems to have settled into the role with considerable ease. The team has remained settled over the summer and they appear to have a close-knit squad for the first time since the Jose Mourinho days.

The big name players are performing very well namely Didier Drogba and Petr Cech, and this comes after both have had an indifferent year to eighteen months. The return of players from injury has obviously helped but when these players are Joe Cole and Ricardo Carvalho, then these will grace many a team with their presence.

I also backed Chelsea at the beginning of the season and I am keeping my prediction on them winning the league but with what I have seen from them this season they seem prolific especially at Stamford Bridge and in a league that maybe at its poorest in terms of quality players in many a year they have them in abundance.

Manchester United cannot be easily discarded from this match or the title race but this is not a patch on the Manchester United we have seen over the past two decades and is arguably Sir Alex’s worst squad in years.

They look vulnerable at the back, lack goals from the middle of the park and except for the ever impressive Wayne Rooney they are blunt in-goal scoring department, how they would love a Didier Drogba to liven up their squad.

People and possibly many United fans will defend their team and that is admirable but from an impartial viewpoint and what seems to be the viewpoint of many a pundit, journalist and football fan this is a United team lacking quality in the final third and other than Edwin Van Der Sar at a mere 39 years young they lack a commanding presence at the back.

It remains to be seen if this team can match Chelsea on the day let alone over the course of the season but in my opinion if you sat down and made a starting XI from the two squads it may only include Wayne Rooney (pictured below) from the Manchester United team based on current form.

Then if feeling nostalgic how many other Manchester United players could make that starting XI?

Evra? Vidic? Giggs?

Surely not many more. It is amazing how much different they are without Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez and I have a feeling deep down Sir Alex would love to have one of them if not both of them back at his disposal.

Ok so as I mentioned earlier I am going for Chelsea to win this game and to then go on and win the Premier League title next May. I hope it is a lively and entertaining game just like the Community Shield fixture.

The odds for this match are; Chelsea 11/10; draw 11/5; Manchester United 2/1; which if you are a betting person or even a United fan who wants to argue my points, then put your money were your mouth is.

I’m going to back Chelsea!!

Plus if you have an opinion on the title race then the title odds are; Chelsea 5/4; Manchester United 9/4; it is slightly unfair to not mention others in the title odds at this early stage of this season but I feel other than Arsenal none are really strong enough to contend.

Enjoy the match this weekend, I hope we are talking about a classic and not a poor refereeing decision or a match-winner coming from an error.

Cheers for reading as usual and I welcome your comments.


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