Guest Blog – Nigel Webster

Hello sports fans and welcome to another guest blog on Gaffers Sports Blog. It is the turn of Nigel Webster this time. Nigel is 36 and originally from Auckland in New Zealand, now residing in London.

He is a massive sports fan and is a West Ham United fan as well as been a keen follower of Cricket and both Rugby codes.

Take it away Nigel….

So that’s it then…

Christiano Ronaldo has finally been granted his wish to leave Old Trafford and join Real Madrid. As if we needed another transfer saga dragging on the entire summer like we had last year.

In all honesty, it’s a blessing for all parties and fans alike that it’s inevitable outcome has been resolved right at the start of the summer instead of in the last week of August when Sir Alex Ferguson wouldn’t have the time to spend the whopping £80 million windfall this sale has netted him.
For all his obvious faults on the personality front, everyone will agree that Ronaldo has been Manchester United’s standout player for the several years and without a doubt one of the finest players in recent football history.

So for Ferguson, it’s now about finding ways to replace Ronaldo’s extraordinary level of skill on the pitch.

American owners, the Glazer family, have told Sir Alex he can use the full £80 million from the transfer to bolster his squad.

This is a welcome boost for him as their were widespread rumours that a large proportion of these proceeds would have to be put towards repaying their massive £700 million debt the club took on after they took over as owners.
So how can United improve their squad now that their star man has moved on? The first way they can do this is by delving into the transfer market immediately and acquiring Antonio Valencia from Wigan.

There’s also plans to make an offer to Barcelona for Samuel Eto’o and to Bayern Munich to get Franck Ribery on board.

Also, with Ronaldo now gone, this is the ideal time for United to complete the outright purchase of Carlos Tevez.
Another way United can improve the team is to have players such as Wayne Rooney, Nani, Anderson, and Dimitar Berbatov all step up for the team next year and not sit back like they did previously when Ronaldo was on the park controlling the football for long periods of time.
Something else Sir Alex will be mindful of is goals. Ronaldo scored hatfuls of goals and created plenty more too so this leaves a big gap and is an area of real concern. 

Ferguson needs Rooney, Berbatov plus the other current United players and any other transfers that may come in to start producing more goals.

Even though this won’t come near the levels that Ronaldo notched up during the last several seasons, they could still be productive and score enough goals to win vital matches.
It’s going to be an interesting summer ahead in the transfer market at Old Trafford. Who’s knows what’s going to happen for them between now and August 31st.

But one thing is for certain…

Old Trafford’s walls won’t fall down now that Ronaldo’s gone. They were champions before he arrived and they’ll be champions again after he’s gone….

Cheers, Nigel

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