It’s A Replica Rip-Off

This is another of those subjects that has got underneath my skin.

So I hope you are prepared to listen!!!

I can honestly say when I was growing up I loved (or my parents had to) buying football shirts and I still have several of them to fondly look back over.

I am not sure if this is the case for the current generation but it probably is, hence why football clubs and their greedy owners along side the kit manufacturers are rubbing their hands at making billions from this industry.

Whose fault is it? Ours. The fans.

We buy them. We fund this aspect of the club, allowing them to manipulate us and we are proving stupid enough to continue to tow the line. It is pathetic.

We have to take a stance and stop or this aspect of football will get out of hand, how can we complain about footballers’ wages when we are ultimately funding them through the obsession to have the 2009/2010 replica version of the 2008/2009 kit?

I admit it is easier said than done, especially for parents when their children crave the latest shirt but surely it has to stop.

Firstly the pricing of these replica kits is getting out of hand with the average adult shirt (newly released) costing approximately £40 and the children’s version approximately £30.

In times of economic downturn the clubs have proven intelligent enough to know these will be purchased no matter what the cost is. It is disgusting.

I worked it out recently I have not bought a currently in date replica football shirt for over 6 years, I have purchased shirts but usually at knock down prices. How many different shades of white can England produce?

The answer is England have produced 45 replica shirts (home and away) in the past 43 years. It is a white shirt with the England badge and an Umbro emblem on it.

Wait 6 month and go to that nasty sports shop owned by Mike Ashely and get them with a number on for approximately a fiver. I kid you not!

As the new season dawns upon us, shirt are revealed well some have been since the final game of last season, the catwalk shows have taken place and now the gullible masses are purchasing their teams colours.

Usually this starts to fill them with excitement, but I must say I think it is rather funny that Newcastle United, who are the comedy show of English football, have decided on their away strip for this coming season. Brilliant.

Though what makes it even funny is some Geordie fans are actually taking to it. Come on it is disgusting and adds to the long line of shocking kits.

Manchester United’s ‘we can’t see our own players’ grey number, the numerous glow in the dark kits (usually in florescent yellow) teas have adopted and the ‘saucy salmon’ colours used by Everton in years gone by.

We the fans have to make a stance and this was shown in early 2008 when The Office Of Fair Trading (OFT) ruled that Manchester United and The FA were trying to over-charge their fans. This has to continue for the future.

I am not saying don’t support your club and I am not saying you shouldn’t be proud to represent your clubs colours but when it is the same design after design or stupid choice of colours then an emphatic NO is needed.

Ironically I calculated that Newcastle United if lucky should wear the ‘Solero Kit’ in 5 of their 23 away fixtures next season at the very most. So only looking like a prat for five games lads, oh well for £50,000 per week that ain’t to bad now, is it?

We need to stand united on this or accept the game for the manipulating sport it has become.

Ahhhh that feels better.

Oh finally I want to have a little rant at Mr Ross McCormack. You know him the top footballing star of Cardiff City and Scotland fame ( more sarcasm, I am spoiling you).

He has had the audacity to hand in a transfer request because the mighty Hull City are supposedly after him, this comes three weeks, yes THREE WEEKS after agreeing a new four year contract with the Welsh club.

I hope Dave Jones and Peter Ridsdale have the strength to make him wait until a suitable offer comes in.

That’s me done for this blog, hope your not as wound up on these topics as me!!

Cheers for reading.

Enjoy your weekend.


P.s. Well done to 15 year old Tom Daley on his World Championship gold medal he won on Tuesday in Rome.

This is a magnificent achievement and have a look at his dives at, the final dive is amazing.

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