A Big Thank You

I want to begin by thanking all of you who read my first blog and though many of you are family and friends, it’s much appreciated.

Germany beat Leichtenstein 4-0 for the curious amongst you. Well hopefully this isn’t a two blog wonder and more will follow……….

I’m very much looking forward to the twenty20 extravaganza that is the IPL (Indian Premier League), which begins on April 18th.

Even though its now in South Africa it will be a great spectacle, England’s players need to perform well and prove we are able to play the sport we invented.

I urge you to pick a team from the IPL and back them over what will be a fun-filled if slightly too long 44 day tournament.

I’m going for the Delhi Daredevils (McGrath, Sehwag & Vettori et al) with my outside bet for the tournament’s top player been either the Aussie, David Warner or the Kiwi, Jesse Ryder.

Come on you Daredevils!

I wasn’t overly impressed with the new England Football kit introduced against Slovenia on Saturday.

It’s very plain (plainer than usual) and boring though I do like the retro idea the design lacks imagination and what is the ‘anthem’ jacket all about?

It was disappointing that the BBC decided not to have final score on BBC1 or BBC2 during international weekend. Surely this was a missed opportunity for a grass roots/lower league PR stunt.

Sky Sports didn’t miss this opportunity, even if they did play their B team. Football isn’t only played at the top level and I do love everything sporting the Beeb does (website especially), but this time you let the lower leagues down.

Go Giants! I am so pleased to see the Huddersfield Giants finally stepping up to the mark. I spent my uni years in Huddersfield and the Giants become my League team.

Fantastic result away to Wigan 22-8. Keep up the good work Nathan Brown and his team. Bring on some success at long last. The birthplace of Rugby League deserves success.

Its good to see that class and ability are permanent. Victoria Pendleton showed this yet again at the World Track Cycling Championships last weekend.

The rest of the Beijing olympic team, need to follow her lead, form is temporary. We are the worlds best at cycling so lets not let it slip and move towards 2012 with optimism and pride.

Its a shame to see the Brian Clough statue, situated in Albert Park, Middlesbrough had to be taken away for repairs due to children swinging on his leg, the actual leg he injured to end his career prematurely.

The man was a legend of the game and a sorely missed character. I just wish the so-called youth of today could appreciate what this man meant to the region.

I hope the 10 week restoration is completed fully and that people will appreciate the art for what it is and not abuse a local treasure.

That’s another blog over with so see you next time.


P.s. A huge congratulations to David Beckham on his outfield caps record, I just hope he beats Peter Shilton’s all-time record. I can never forgive that man for my Italia ’90 heartache.

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