Pushy Parents Will Always Fail

This is a subject which has bugged me for a long time and now I have to let it out. Whilst watching the young tennis prospect Laura Robson, aged 15, competing in her first grand slam earlier this week and seeing her proud mother in the crowd I felt the need to release a demon.

Her mother appeared so proud, quietly respectful and almost invisible to what was an extremely monumental moment in the Robson family history. Pushy parents please take note.

I am not a parent, so I cannot relate to the involvement a parent would want to make into pushing their child into something they have a talent for. Though I did recently pull my niece out of a local cross-country event due to the weather and her obvious unsettling well-being.

Success is not everything. Many other qualities should prevail prior to this been the most important factor of a childs participation. Yes play to win, but not win at the cost of your child’s happiness.

As child behavioural specialist Kris Murrin backs this up: “Parents shouldn’t worry about organising their children’s time but instead give them the space and permission to create their own fun.

How many times has the below picture been the normal of a saturday or sunday afternoon whilst watching your child or family member participate in something they enjoy doing, which is then subsequently ruined. 

Is has to stop and stop soon or the future of possible sporting champions coming from the British Isles will increasingly decrease.

A recent documentary on channel 4 called ‘Trophy Kids’ showed many of the negative sides that go with a pushy parent and a semi-talented child. It was a disgrace the way some of them were talking to their own children, an utter embarrassment.

They are firstly damaging the mental strength and childhood of their children, they are stopping participation from many children who are been withdraw by their parents. This is also leading to many potential professional officials withdrawing from the lower levels and ultimately from sport.

As a recent advertisement stated ‘no referee, no game’.

How long before this starts to sink in? Hopefully not too late.

A survey which was recently carried out by the Good Schools Guide found that 17 schools had actually stopped allowing parents attending the mild nature event that is commonly known as ‘sports day’, is this really the measure we have to go to?

Shocking isn’t it?

The pushy parent has to be stopped and stopped immediately. They are living their failed sporting abilities through pushing their children to succeed.

They are sadly motivated mainly by the financial success that goes with sporting ability, this is a shame as the damage to any child can easily be seen through the recent death of pop legend Michael Jackson, a superstar with a poor childhood and pushy upbringing.

Before I sign off, take a moment to view the video linked below. It shows a recent campaign video against push parents. Very fitting. http://www.football.co.uk/england/winstone_helps_tackle_pushy_parents_rss87884.shtml

Just remember when your child is hoping for success in sport or has a particular talent use the approach of Anthony Hamilton or Judy Murray. It is not coincidental.

Overdoing the pushy parent role will only come at the cost of losing your child and sacrificing their happiness.

Thanks for reading and next time you see a pushy parent on the touch-line, be strong and intervene.



P.s. Well done to Stuart Pearce and his England Under 21 team for banishing a demon of the English game on Friday evening in Sweden.

Winning 5-4 on penalties against host nation Sweden, helped put to bed the demon and allow England to progress to the final, is silverware likely?

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