The Season Is Upon Us

Can you believe the English football season is almost upon us again?

We really should be use to the fact that it is an all year round sport which has conflicting calenders from all corners of the globe to adapt to climates, but the English season is one of the most gruelling.

I have been a football fan since I was 8 year old and have been hooked since, but it really gets to me when football fans say after the final game of a non major tournament season “what we gonna do until next season?”.

I have to admit I have said it before but now I realise it is a pathetic and narrow minded comment to make. Enjoy the summer and come back ready for the new season. Or expand your mind with other sports!


I personally think the top flight should be reduced to 18 teams with a winter break and then maybe we could focus our attentions on England having the ability, strength and quality to win another major tournament.

But money talks and I find it pathetic to have even suggested a 39th game and the teams flying all over the globe during pre-season are non other than money grabbing individuals. 

Last season provided the ideal opportunity to reduce the season of the English Premier League, especially with so many below average teams who appeared intent on been relegated from the top flight, did Hull City, Sunderland, Portsmouth and Blackburn Rovers really enhance our viewing last season?

This isn’t a prediction blog, I will save that for later but would anyone be surprised if the above mentioned teams and the three teams promoted from the Championship (Birmingham City, Wolverhampton Wanderers and Burnley) weren’t those fighting (or not so) to stay in the top flight?

As I mentioned early the transfer window has proven to be fairly unspectacular with non of last seasons top four really making a major signing of note, instead they are fighting to keep hold of their talents from Italy, Spain and of course Manchester City.

This may prove to provide the most open and interesting title fight in many a year and it may prove to be Liverpool’s year. Many do doubt it but I am convinced with a couple of signings and some dead wood removed it could be their year.

This is the closest they have ever been to the title, below. Copy and paste if you so wish Liverpool fans. 

I am not bitter before all of you ask with my beloved Middlesbrough been relegated last season as I am looking forward to this season, my point purely is, what has happened over the summer months to excite us?

Nothing positive. Several major players have departed the league or decided to avoid joining our circus. Setanta went bust. ESPN stepped in. England won twice. Manchester City spend. Newcastle United continued its soap opera etc etc.

But this in my opinion has been very poor entertainment compared to previous years.

The entertainment within the season will be of a high level I just predict the quality will leave us wanting.

Can I recommend the Primera League in Spain, this will be a fascinating season of high quality and entertainment.

Thanks for listening and look out for my season review soon.

Championship starts next Friday so only 6 days and counting for me to go.

“What will I do?”

Cheers for reading.

Take it easy.


P.s. Congratulations to current cricket county champions Durham for been confirmed as a venue for the 2013 ashes series in England.

Test cricket is my part of the world is one thing but an ashes test match is superb. Well done.

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