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Can Rio Lead England To Glory?

June 1, 2010

As England’s final 23 man squad has been annouced by Fabio Capello, attentions must now turn fully to the tournament in South Africa and as we (the fans) gear up for the tournament to begin, one question remains unanswered:

Can Rio lead England to World Cup glory in this tournament?

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The Curious Case Of England’s Lost Generation

February 21, 2010


As we stumble drunkenly and half cocked into a shiny new decade it’s only natural to let our minds wander over the one just passed.

The great and the good, the ups and the downs and the fluffy little bits in the middle which are so numerous that I generally find it much better to take a single example to focus on rather than sprawl my gaze over all and sundry.

And what better example, as we wake up grumpy and dishevelled in that most glorious and fleeting of decade occurrences, a World Cup year, than the England Team?

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Gaffers Sports Blog Football Awards

May 23, 2009

David Beckham and Wayne Rooney attended the bid launch at Wembley

The football season is reaching its finale over the next week or so and most awards have been decided, awarded and subsequently celebrated. Now is the time for the most prestigious of these awards;

The Gaffers Sports Blog Football Awards.

Get your penguin suit hired or dust off your best dress, sit back and let us enjoy the ceremony or let us just skip to the winners of these prestigious awards.

The awards go to…………

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