The Rumour Mill

No this isn’t about whether Jordan and her fella are getting back together apologies if that is why you clicked in, you’ll have to go and buy one of those over-priced glossy magazines to get the latest on that debacle.

This is about the world of football transfers and let us be honest with ourselves, it isn’t what it use to be. It has lost that certain va va voom!!

This is set to be the biggest summer of transfer activity and with 78 days of the transfer window remaining who will move where and when. Do we really care beyond our own club(s)?

Top left; Ronaldo, bottom left; Ribery, centre; Kaka, Top right; David Villa, bottom right: Ibrahimovic

The much drawn out Ronaldo to Madrid saga is a prime example of transfers becoming boring. Though I still believe football transfers can interest some fans it has been a while since say Des Lynam announced live on Wimbledon that Middlesbrough had signed Fabrizio Ravenelli from Juventus.

Several transfers should be able to stir up a reasonable level of interest. Below are the five I believe could be the most interesting, any tips on who you think will provide an interesting summer transfer?

Stewart Downing, 24, Middlesbrough – Having just been relegated with ‘Boro he will be a major target for many a Premier League club, especially been a good left winger and English.

My Tip: Tottenham Hotspur

Price: £11 million.

Fabian Delph, 19, Leeds United – Tenacious, gifted midfielder. He broke into the England U21 squad last season and has been targeted by many clubs.

My Tip: Fulham 

Price: £4 million 

Franck Ribery, 26, Bayern Munich – Exquisite French Winger and hottest property available in Europe after Kaka and Ronaldo sales. Likely to attractive a lot of interest from many of Europe’s elite.

My Tip: Manchester United/Barcelona

Price: Less than quoted, probably £35 million

Michael Owen, 29, Newcastle United – Washed up to many pundits, but 29 and out of contract he will attract the interest of many Premier League clubs as a good run of fitness may see the goal scoring form return.

My Tip: Everton

Price: £50,000 a week plus huge signing on fee

Carlos Tevez, 25, Media Sport Investment – Having had two successful years at Old Trafford and West Ham United previously he will be hot property. A very gifted and hard working Argentine international with plenty to offer.

My Tip: If not Manchester United then Manchester City

Price: £25 million

There appears to be a ‘who cares’ mentality amongst many football fans, press and other forms of media due to the Ronaldo escapade but hopefully the summer will ignite with many transfer activities soon.

Mark Hughes, Manchester City Manager certainly believes so, but who wouldn’t with the transfer riches he has at his disposal.

I’m sure I have just lost my level of interest after my teams recent relegation and don’t want to come across negatively but I think with the current financial crisis faced in the world the monies been spent and rumoured to be offered are disrespectful to the world as a whole.

It is positive to see, Michel Platini, UEFA President sees that this cannot continue: “These excessive transfers are happening almost every day. It is very puzzling at a time when football faces some of its worst ever financial challenges.

“These transfers are a serious challenge to the idea of fair play and the concept of financial balance in our competitions.”

I seriously doubt this will have any impact on the market this summer and the agents of many a football player will be rubbing their hands in anticipation of many money making ventures taking place over the coming two and a half months.

It will be a very transitional summer for my team, Middlesbrough with several of our so-called top players been courted by Premier League and leading European clubs. 

I personally feel we will be better for clearing out the deadwood and bringing in players with steal, commitment and passion to drive the team back up to the Premier League.

Just remember when you are next reading your favourite newspaper that not every article is near to the mark, well in fact many of all the football transfer rumours appear to be well wide of the mark. Interesting facts below, wouldn’t you agree. Also check out the website this is sourced from, it provides all the rumours your heart may desire.
Paper Right Total Num Accuracy
Daily Record 141 458 30.79%
The Guardian 102 389 26.22%
The Herald 16 63 25.4%
The Independent 108 434 24.88%
The Times 186 759 24.51%
The Express 201 960 20.94%
Daily Mail 285 1367 20.85%
The Sun 400 1991 20.09%
The Scotsman 5 26 19.23%
Daily Star 287 1560 18.4%
Daily Mirror 576 3290 17.51%
Daily Telegraph 61 357 17.09%
The People 76 600 12.67%
News Of The World 129 1109 11.63%


Cheers for reading.

Oh, if you have £100 million spare bid for Newcastle United email then @, though you’ll need another couple of hundred million pounds to survive, its in the small print.


P.s. Well done to all who helped with the restoration of the Brian Clough statue in Middlesbroughs’ Albert Park.

Lets hope the vandals don’t deface this one. This should be seen as a piece of local history and treated with the respect the man truly deserves.

 Clough's Statue in Albert Parl

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