And Now For Something Completely Different…

In the words of the legendary writers of a foregone era:

“And now for something completely different”

But don’t you worry your pretty little heads…….

We haven’t lost the plot at Gaffers Sports Blog, we have just decided a little diversity does you good, oh and it is nice to showcase different talents too.

I introduce to you some of the poetry works of Dave ‘The Bard’ Bird a recent convert to the world of cricket poetry. So here we go, have a read and I await your comments.

Take it away Dave…

Lance Klusener

Klusener could whack it, yes Lance,
To spinners, down wicket, he’d dance,
No defensive tricks,
He smote them for six,
The same for the quicks without prance.

Sometimes he could bowl pretty quick,
Sometimes the batsmen he’d trick.
Gave balance to the side,
Served country with pride,
All without ever being a prick.

His best score V England, remember?
Our bowlers he got to dismember.
Zulu hit it so high,
Way up into the sky,
It didn’t come down ’til November.


Zimbabwe were zero for three.
That is not a nice place to be.
Their batting too slow,
We wanted a show.
What followed you needed to see.

Pace bowling, so often, it goes,
So spinners were all that they chose.
The Windies they got stuck,
But just two made a duck.
How they failed, no-body quite knows!

Oh Windies, your cricket is ropey,
Your captain may also be dopey,
For batting so weakly,
And losing so meekly,
You have made your fans sad and mopey.

Cook’s Victory

The Tigers were sent in to bat,
Could England make the most of that?
Tamim was put down,
Sidebottom did frown,
Then he bowled much too short, the pratt.

One hundred did Tamim then make,
When needed, he applied the brake,
But the rest of his side,
Though I’m sure that they tried,
Come on guys, stay in for Pete’s sake!

When batting, my England weren’t great,
The Tigers gave the match on a plate.
The catches they muffed them,
And the keeper he stuffed them.
Shape up Tigers, before it’s too late!

Gaffers Sports Blog

The Gaffers, his sports blog is here. 

Don’t worry, you’ve got nowt to fear,    

Football to cry for,

And cricket to die for.

  So sit down, and open, a beer.


So what do you think one and all?

I like Dave’s work and hope you do too.

If you like then check out more of Dave’s work now @

Cheers, Gaffers

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