Is 2010 Murray’s Year?

As Andy Murray (pictured above) brushed aside qualifier Kevin Anderson in the first round of the Australian Open, I immediately begun to think; Is 2010 his year?

Obviously, as I have mentioned on many an occasion; only time will tell but the signs look good.

He is looking physically fit despite the demands of the modern tennis player coupled with the demands of becoming a marketing dream for many brands.

I have asked the question before in an earlier blog about Andy Murray (pictured below) winning a Grand Slam (click to read), but something tells me, he believes, he can win a major tournament and that this could be the one.

In a recent interview, given just before the tournament was due to begin, Murray confidently stated:

“I feel pretty relaxed mentally and physically I feel good, I feel ready. My game is there and I think I’ve got a really good chance against any of the guys.

“I just need to make sure I play my best tennis and not get too far ahead of myself. 

“But I believe I can win it.”

Words of a confident man I’m sure you’ll agree?

He has the physique, is a year older and wiser, seems he is playing to a very high standard as his recent performances have proven.

I feel that the pressure on Andy, is as low as it ever has been with the countries focus surrounding recent cricket, football and rugby performances.

This is evidently backed up by the wise words of tennis legend, John McEnroe, who stated “to me the Australian Open is there for the taking because there are questions about some of the other guys”, in reply to being asked if Murray can win the Australian Open.

I admit he didn’t openly come out and say, well yes he can, but then that would have only added pressure to the situation. Pressure is something all sportsmen thrive on but on occasions it is something they can do without.

Andy can do without this at the moment as his preparations, surroundings, health, private life and training have shown, he is ready to produce at the highest level.

So what do you think, can he win the Australian Open? Vote now below.

I’m looking forward to his next match and then the intensity starts to rise as the rounds progress.

Maybe he won’t win the Australian Open, but 2010 maybe the year Andy Murray wins a major tournament and puts himself well and truly on the map as a tennis great and a British champion.

Come on Andy and in the words of The Killers;

“Cause Andy, you’re a star”

Cheers for reading.

Enjoy your week.


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