And The Award Goes To…..David Moyes

As awards, trophies, promotions, relegation and recognition are been given out left, right and centre at the business end of the domestic and European football season, surely two awards have already been decided?

Hopefully the LMA (League Managers’ Association) can see where recognition and reward are deserved and award both The Barclay’s Premier League Manager of the Year and the LMA Manager of the Year to, yes you’ve guessed, David Moyes the Everton Manager.

I don’t believe I’m alone in choosing Moyes as Manager of the Year, hopefully he’ll be widely chosen and rightly rewarded for a fantastic season under testing circumstances, well seven seasons of improvement should be rewarded with a top four job.

This summer will see the Chelsea managers’ job become available and next summer could probably see the Manchester United managers’  job become available. I believe Moyes is easily strong enough and skilled to competently continue the success of these two clubs. Will he be given the opportunity?

His success at Everton has to be acknowledged, hopefully with an F.A. Cup win and another manager of the year award to go with his LMA Manager of the Year awards 2003 & 2005. This season has proven his managerial credentials more than his previous 6 at Everton for many a reason.

The list of reasons isn’t endless and managers such as Tony Pulis and Roy Hodgson deserve full recognition for their feats but these reasons surely back up the claims of My David Moyes campaign, here we go, are you ready?

  • Limited transfer budget (less than £20 million spent this season)
  • No recognised strikers for several months due to injury
  • Emergence of Jack Rodwell and Dan Gosling
  • England recognition of Lescott, Jagielka and Baines
  • Impact signings of Felliani, Jo and Saha
  • Invoking the ultimate team attitude
  • Excellent coaching set up with Chris Woods and Steve Round
  • Excellent relationship with players, fans, chairman and staff
  • F.A. Cup Final run & Premier League finish (5th or 6th)
  • Improvement of playing staff through man management
  • 45% win percentage this season
  • 15 Premier League clean sheets this season

This has to be backed up with reward through awarding David these awards this season, he has fully deserved it. The only aspect to stop this would be a another sentimental vote this season to Sir Alex!

It was a pleasure to see Joe Calzaghe re-buff the advances of Carl Froch to come out of retirement and fight Froch. It is good to see he isn’t only motivated by money and has self pride in his decisions. Though I’d personally prefer to see his father, Enzo give him a fight as I reckon he’d run the over rated Froch very close.

If you were still awake at 4.45am on Sunday morning you will have witnessed two things live from Las Vegas. Firstly how NOT to defend yourself in the boxing ring, a lesson for all young boxers and secondly how to throw a punch worthy of winning any boxing match, Manny Pacquiao deserves more praise than he’s receiving.

I personally believe Ricky let his fans down with poor preparations and tactics for this fight. He has apologised to the fans who travelled to Las Vegas but in this current economic down turn maybe Ricky could reimburse these fans for wasting their well earned monies.

Flights to Las Vegas at the cheapest cost approx £400, accommodation for two nights approx £300 (based on two sharing) and fight tickets cost approx £500 (according to eBay). Spending monies which wouldn’t be cheap in the gambling capital of the world.

This would be a nice gesture amongst a sporting world evolving on greed alone, will it happen? I very much doubt it.

Cheers for reading, See you on Saturday for more of the same.


P.s. My thoughts are with the Dallas Cowboys at this time, they’ve always been my American Football team, but to hear the bizarre and terrifying story that unfolded on Saturday goes to show that sport is not the be all and end all of life.

It goes to show that life can throw freak incidents at us and we have to come together as the people of Dallas have over the past few days, this could have been so much worse. Well done to all emergency services involved yet again a credit to the American people, read

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