Sports Marketing Has Gone Mad

Ok before you start saying “well the sports need the money and the players deserve it for their own successes“, this isn’t about the use of marketing, branding and advertising within the world of sport, but it is about selling your soul in as tacky a way as possible .

Before I continue; how many of you can tell me what a DLF maximum is?

The above is just one of my gripes with sports marketing. They are disgusting aren’t they? and their yellow cousins are as vile. But kids will want them and then they’ll be seen on playing fields everywhere.

That is part of my annoyance with sports marketing. I am all for money been pumped into the sports we know and love, but is it too much to ask for it to be done within the traditions of sport.

Obviously it is.

The main problem is, this is happening all the time and isn’t even done subtly anymore.

Disagree, then let me hear your opinions on this. Here are my reasons one and all, oh with some examples I might add.

Sports are played because we love that particular sport and should we be decent at it, then the lucky few get to make a living out of that sport and so on and so forth.

But when an individual begins in a sport, love drives them, passion drives them, maybe the want to make a name for themselves drives them and let us be honest, making money drives them.

So, why does it seem so many people are driven by making a mockery of themselves for a few extra quid and why are organisations obsessed with devaluing their traditions to make more money for fat-cats that never makes it through to the grass-roots of sport.

Here are some examples that really annoy me;

  • As mentioned, yellow and green football boots, they are striking and everywhere at the moment, be different, be traditional.
  • Graeme Swann (who I really like), comes out to bat with the logo of ‘the sun’ newspaper on his cricket bat. How low can you go?
  • David Hay (pictured below) sporting the below t-shirt (in several different colours) in every television appearance he had. The television appearances were to promote the fight, so have a bit more self-pride.

  • The ESPN kick-off for Premier League football, so let me get this right; the ESPN reporter gives the go-ahead for all top-flight football in England. Money talks…
  • Channel 9 in Australia, whose pictures are televised by Sky Sports to broadcast live coverage of Australia’s test matches, advertise something every 15 minutes during the cricket. Travel this! 3Mobile that! What next Richie Benaud sat in the studio drinking a well-known brand of fizzy juice.
  • Oh and whilst on the cricket, the picture below sums it all up!!
  • The Carling Cup. No its the League Cup. Please stick with tradition.
  • Finally, for now, the DLF maximum is the term used when a batsmen scores a 6 in the Indian Premier League.

This shows that sport has technically sold its heart to the devil himself, though prior to selling it I did hear the rumour they had signed a fantastic deal with a well-known brand. It wouldn’t surprise me.

So what are your thoughts on this?

It has gone mad hasn’t it? It’s not just me and my warped mind thinking this is a problem within sport and that sport has lost touch with its core values through selling every available aspect to whoever will have them.

Please don’t misinterpret this with thinking I don’t want money in sport, because I do. Sport needs outside funding and the more the better. It just has to fit with tradition, the sports image and not be vulgar or off-putting.


That’s another of the Gaffers rants over for now. I’m off to sign a six-year blog sponsorship deal with the man from Del Monte.

Thanks for reading.

Take it easy.

DLF Scripter (Sorry the money was too good to turn down, aka Gaffers)

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