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Sports Viewing Is In Need Of A Shake-Up!

June 16, 2010

It can easily be argued by many that we get too much sport on the tele-box these days but then the sports fanatics amongst us, would argue that, some sports don’t get a fair¬†representation on television, for one reason or another.

Where do you stand?

Here are my views and opinions…

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Remember The Name – Saul Alvarez

May 3, 2010

I take pride in finding a talent that many sports fans may not have heard of and the spreading the word on this talent, this again was the case in the early hours of last Sunday morning.

Tuning in to watch the eagerly anticipated Mayweather versus Mosley boxing bout I had the pleasure (some may say reward for staying up so late) to view Saul Alvarez, a talent who hopefully will grace the sport for years to come.

Alvarez is the tender age of 19, and has already faced 33 professional fights since he amazingly turned professional at the extremely tender age of 15. Yes 15 years of age and he’d become a professional fighter.

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Return Of The Champions League

February 15, 2010

This week see’s the eagerly anticipated return of the Champions League with a slightly different schedule based on only two matches to take place per match-day.

Knowing U.E.F.A (European football governing body)¬†it will probably have a lot to do with television and marketing rights, though they’ll vehemently deny this of course.

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