My Edgbaston Experience

“I have never won anything in my life!”

The old cliche that many of us say and it is often true but until last week I had not won anything. I had decided to enter a competition on the website and for the life of me I never thought I would win.

Well I did win!!!

Two tickets to the 3rd days play of the ashes test match at Edgbaston, Birmingham. So Saturday 1st August came and at 6am with my good friend Dan we set off to Darlington train station.

We had booked the tickets just after the cricket tickets arrived and got them at a reasonable £70 each. So far so good I hear you say. I agree.

The journey down was full of my pessimism that we wouldn’t get any play and Dan’s optimism that we would. Guess who won this one? I wish I was wrong.

The rest was a slight let down, not so much the enjoyment of the day but the fact that we didn’t get to see any cricket. What else can be said?

The arrival and journey to the ground were of a very well organised manner. The entry to the ground was smooth and the staff were very pleasant. We walked up to check our seats and the below picture was what we saw.

We mingled with the fine delights and entertainment which had been organised at the back of the the Raglan Stand and towards the far end of the ground.

We enjoyed several beers to help pass the time as you do, Geoff Boycott stormed passed in a mood and I had the pleasure of a photograph with Mike Gatting.

But overall it was a disappointing day mainly for the lack of cricket, well no cricket as it was a wash-out but the excitement and anticipation of going to my first ashes test are something I hope to experience again.

My only complaint was a lack of needed signage for first time visitors and the communications to get from the ground towards a shuttle bus or taxi services.

The highpoint would be the atmosphere in the bars and surrounding concourse areas of the ground, which was a pleasure to enjoy.

I would like to thank Betfair for this experience and fingers crossed my next test match experience won’t be so unfortunate.

We had a few beers in Birmingham and journeyed back up north in a more sombre mood.

Thanks for the company Dan.



P.s. well done to the ground staff on their valiant effort but surely improvements are needed in car parks and surrounding areas to make it more people friendly.

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