My Football Manifesto

I have had enough if I am been frank. Football is not longer about the playing of the beautiful game it has become more about inconsistent decisions, hiding the truth and rewarding the unrewardable.

I am here today to present to you my manifesto to return the game to the days of glorious, thought provoking and inspiring football. I can here you gasp in wonder that the game will one day be its old self.

Read on I’ll tell you more……..

This is a five year strategy which will begin in 2011 when I win the next FIFA Presidency vote and return football to its rightful owners; the fans, players and club employees. Once this strategy has been followed football will be the icon of world sport.

Here we go…….

This centres around five key strategic pointers;

  • Financial
  • Competition
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Technology
  • Personnel

These are detailed below.


Long gone are the days when football was run as a sport now it is part of the global crisis that we now find ourselves battling against – the credit crunch. Why? Because nobody lived for tomorrow and many a poor chairman has crippled a club for there own self gratification.

I propose a salary cap as 60% of a clubs overall turnover, no business should be allowed to live beyond their means and those that do will be punished with demotion to a lower division.

Transfer fees have to be made fully available to the paying customer and the sponsors of a football club, hence the term ‘undisclosed’ shall be banished from the game. It is the only business which is allowed such idiotic privacy.

Of a clubs turnover 10% has to be invested into local grass roots football, academies and local community projects allowing the future of these clubs to be in the safe hands of those that really matter at the end of the day.

The transfer window system will also be abolished allowing transfers to be made throughout the year and not just in three or four months of the year. This allows the governing bodies to comply with European law and should allow for more realistic and rational transfers.


Football has become about fitting in as many tournaments and cups as possible, with as many teams participating in them as possible this is ruining the sport and the fans are becoming slaves to paying for more and more.

I propose an adjustment to the world calender so that all major tournaments take place at the same time, this is directly linked to the African Cup of Nations in the same calender year and month as the European Championships.

I also propose the changing on European club competitions which have become increasingly dull over the years. The UEFA Cup shall return as would the Cup Winners Cup. The format for all countries would be;

– Champions League Qualifiers – winners and runners up

– UEFA Cup qualifiers – third and fourth place

– Cup Winners Cup qualifiers – the actual cup winners only

– Fair play league qualification to make numbers up

No group stages for any competitions named above and all to be played over two-legged matches. The current system only offers confusion and boredom.

Rules and Regulations

Football has allowed itself to transcend into a grey area of unknown and poorly followed rules and regulations. Rules are their to be followed and hence they should be black and white to allow everyone to easily understand them and if a rule is broken it is not then an argument over who is right and who is wrong.

I propose rules and regulations can not be left to interpretation they quite simply have to follow a set of guidelines and thus removing debate on these from the game and aiming to relieve pressure from the officials in the long-term.

My rule changes would include;

– All cheats to be banned following a review from a panel to be put in place in every country, this panel would consist of an ex-footballer, ex-manager and an ex-official and they would review and issue punishments accordingly. The punishments for cheats will be harsh ideally a ban of at least 4 matches (unpaid).

– Blood substitutes to be introduced, it is unbelievable that a team has to be punished for one of their players becoming injured and with 7 substitutes as standard then 2 blood substitutes will be permitted per team per match.

– The introduction of ‘sin-bins’, on many a occasion it can be heard that he should not be booked for a first offense, thus I propose the first offense will be a 5 minute ‘sin-bin’ style punishment.

– Players will be required to submit a drugs test after every game and this will be compulsory of all players, this will be undertaken by a newly created drugs section of FIFA and not by an external body.

I have other rules that I will propose nearer to the election date.


One of the richest sports in the world, football is literally run by the human eye and the human eye can and will make mistakes that the games governing bodies feel fit not to adjust or replay.

With this in mind I propose the obvious introduction to the game of the developed, tried and tested Adidas technology at the proposed cost of approx £50,000 per club to be implemented immediately and those who are unable to afford the costs will have it implemented as a subsidised cost.

I also propose a fifth official to sit in the stands at a football match with television and replay technology at his disposal. He/She will be linked to the match official via available communication technology and will assist on any needed decisions. They will be allowed to over-rule a decision. This is for the ultimate aim of the game played to the rules.

No time delays will occur from this implementation.


The sport at the moment to those in the public eye and the media has a stereotypical outlook of grey men in grey suits running a sport they know nothing about.

The transfer windows to be abolished allowing clubs and players a more accessible and easier to use transfer system and not to treat players like caged animals with limited movement, though the current rule of not being allowed to play for two clubs in a calender year will still remain.

I propose an overhaul of the sports governing bodies with ex-professionals, managers and officials being the main focus of employment. I also propose to increase the salary of the full-time referee and to make him more accountable for his decisions he will have to face the press in a post-match interview (compulsory).

Football fans have to be involved in the decision making process, with fan forums and the appointment to the governing body of fans who currently work within the game to advise on decisions and to gain a fans feedback and opinion.

Many thanks for reading my proposal and I will take any questions you have.

I hope I can rely on your vote in the 2011 elections.



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