My Proposal is Rocket Science To FIFA

Just a quick blog to have a rant at the so-called governing body of World football, that is more commonly and politely known as, FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association), though we all have less polite versions I am sure.

I am not proposing rocket science as the title of this blog states but have a quick look at what I propose below and let me know if it really is such a difficult decision to implement replay technology into the modern game.

I do understand the point of crossing all levels of the game, but this is impossible, hence the money fuelled end of the sport needs some form of replay technology like many top sports currently have.

Here I go…

Law 18 (to be confirmed)

“The game played at the highest level and when readily available (FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions Leagues, top-level of all football leagues), will have a fifth match official who shall sit in a designated area in the stadium and will view the match view television monitors which shall incorporate the use of video replay.

This said fifth official shall only adjudicate on a major discrepancy that occurs within the field of play and in such incidents, he/she shall contact the on-field match referee and the fourth official to notify them on such errors of judgement, namely the ball crossing the line and/or scoring a goal from an obvious off-side position.

In incidents where it is deemed to be of an extremely slight margin, the decision shall remain with the on-field referee and his two assistant referees and the fifth official shall refrain from involvement in such circumstances, as is currently the system for the international cricket referral system.

We at FIFA shall consider the possibility of implementing a trial system, whereby both teams competing in a match that has the said technology available, shall receive one challenge per half of football. In the circumstances when this trial is in progress, the fifth official should aim to review, analyse and decide on these challenges within one minute of the challenge been accepted by the fourth official”

Now that surely doesn’t in my opinion seem too difficult to implement, but what are your thoughts on it?

Can it work? I think it can. Why not head over to Rules of the game (click here) and have a read of the laws of the game. It is scary how close to the truth the example of a offside goal is to the Tevez goal the other evening.

Also, the more people who voice their opinions to the governing body of football, then surely the more they will listen, so why not let them now your thoughts when you have a moment, at, I already have done so.



2 Responses to “My Proposal is Rocket Science To FIFA”

  1. evologynow Says:

    My proposal is robots:

    In all seriousness though, I agree with you. FIFA’s resistance to replay technology is a little obnoxious.

    • gafferssportsblog Says:

      Something has to change and hopefully the post-world cup meeting towards the end of July will prove fruitful I have my doubts. So many viable options available to be implemented yet a game of ‘human errors’ as Sepp Blatter calls it, is far from acceptable in my opinion.

      Cheers for reading, Gaffers

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