Cheating Will Always Exist!!

I consider myself true sports fan, let alone a keen follower of the leather hitting the willow on a warm (ish) sunday afternoon up and down the country, though after the allegations of yet another cheating scandal to rock the sporting world I am questioning my loyalties.

These so-called sports men and women, have over the years, used the basis of their arts to exploit, deceive and prosper from the glorious professions we all would truly aspire to replicate for one day only!!

The examples are there for all and sundry to pick at, like a carcass of a rotting wilder-beast on the African plains, come on, seriously, enough is enough, yet these idiots (my way of being polite), continue to nibble away at the bones and infuriating the millions of sports fans world-wide.

 (Mohamed Aamir)

The recent examples show, that not only are actual events been bet on, influenced and ultimately decided through cheating but single incidents are also been decided through the means of monies passing hands in alleged ‘brown-paper bags’ hence implicating sports and the professionals who participate in them,

With this in mind we will always have difficulties in finding these said incidents, removing them from sport in the immediate future and ultimately irradiating them from sport, for good!

Impossible isn’t it?

I certainly think so, yes cheats will always be caught and held to prosecution for the crimes they have committed, yet cheats keep rearing their ugly heads from the underbelly of sport and splashing themselves onto the front pages of tabloid newspapers the world over.

Maybe these undercover journalists could run sport and sport run the media world? Just a thought!

 (Diego Maradona, Hand Of God)

So how do we aim (we have to aim initially as to eradicate is a step too far) to begin the slow process of eradicating cheats and the despicable art of cheating they pride themselves upon from the sport per say?

Good question Mr. Gaffers.

Well several options are available; namely lifetime bans, imprisonment and hefty fines; all of which have been in place and rarely used to their full extent for many years now and if used they don’t appear to have the correct impact or threat.

We as sports fanatics have two choices in my opinion;

– follow the sports and the cheats who inhabit them OR

STOP following these sports and thus bring them to their knees

Easier said than done to make the second choice isn’t it?

But we are sub-consciously agreeing to continue with the first of these two points and allowing the cheats to cheat, cheating to breed cheats and some ‘fat cats’ under some rock somewhere to make hefty amounts of money in the process.

 (Ben Johnson)

The time to act is NOW, not tomorrow, the punishments have to be for LIFE and then only can we aim to look towards a future….

Wishful thinking I know.

Cheers for listening.

A disgruntled Gaffers

P.s. As I say, cheating will ALWAYS exist

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