Defending The Indefensible

For the Radio 5 Live Fighting Talk fans amongst you it is a familiar term that hits the airwaves on a Saturday morning as we approach lunch-time, for those who don’t listen, I advise you too.

Well this is my go at defending the indefensible but I think my points are very valid and its about time the bigger picture was looked at on this issue and we stopped blaming one person, one human being, one individual, because this really isn’t fair.

Guessed it yet? Surprisingly I’m defending the referee in the sport of football. Shock horror from the person whom as a young child collected and played subbuteo. One Christmas after furiously opening an over wrapped gift from my parents, which turned out to be a referee and his then named linesmen, I decided my matches would be better off without these officials.

Well know I have come full circle! Well almost!


I am not going to pick out incidents and name names as again this isn’t fair on these individuals who without we wouldn’t have the beautiful game we so rightly love, but enough is enough. No person deserves death threats for doing there job and trying to provide a life for themselves and their families.

I admit they make mistakes, we make mistakes don’t we? There is no such thing as a perfect human being, sorry I forgot about Britney Spears!

This has to stop! FIFA and UEFA (World and European footballs’ governing bodies) have to act and act at the end of this season or these incidents of continued controversy will over shadow the sport of football.

Though firstly Sepp Blatter (I had to name him) has to be removed from the sport or it will never develop and it will never progress, he was recently quoted as saying “The International Football Association Board is of the opinion football will remain, for the time being, a game for human beings with errors on the field of play.”

This is shocking from the head of a multi-billion pound industry. What would happen if Barack Obama came out and said “oh by the way errors will happen but get over it!”, I shudder to think.

The trials have happened, the technology is available for goal-line decisions, they can easily have the fourth official actually doing something, namely watching a television to assist with easy decision making, make the assistant referees’ more pro-active, clamp down on players, this list could go on and will until these governing bodies grow the balls to do something about this diabolical situation.

Other sports use technology and use it to its full advantage, does this slow the game down? No. The decision making process of football needs putting to rest once and for all with a new sparkling system in place. What this system will be has to be decided by the governing bodies as soon as possible.

My suggestions above would have to be included but this surely has to happen and happen fast!

Remember the next time your at a game or watching on the television, do not use the following lines and lets support the man in black(optional silver, yellow, orange, green)

“In my opinion the referee was wrong” – In his opinion he is right. Opinion is personal.

“I saw it three times and couldn’t make a decision” – he saw it once.

“After seeing it again the referee got it wrong” – he never saw it again.

“We lost because of the referee” – no you didn’t he made a decision which influenced the game and at the time he believed was the correct decision, not the result.

“The referee has spoilt it for me” – so don’t watch football ever again and let them get on with it.

Remember the head of the sports quotation at all times, this is a game of human errors!!

Cheers for reading


P.s. It’s about time the English Premier League decided to tighten the clubs belts but lets hope it’s not just another flash in the pan and wealthy businessmen can continue to invest in their toys. This sport in England needs proper regulating and controls in place.

A belated well done to Richard Scudamore, the world waits with baited breath that you can follow this through properly. Good Luck, you’ll need it!

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