Sporting Hero – Jimmy White


James Warren White, MBE is my choice as sporting hero. Nicknamed the “Whirlwind”, White is a multiple World Championship finalist, appearing in six World Championship finals without ever winning the title…..a true underdog! 

But, despite being unsuccessful in the finals, Jimmy is by far the most charismatic snooker player I have ever seen.  His antics on and off the table made him a household name and the biggest ticket in town when it comes to exhibition matches. 

Jimmy is by far the best player of the 1990’s not to win the world championship, but he will be remember for longer than many of the current elite, even the ones who have lifted the trophy. 

As a snooker player, I’ much rather be the Jimmy White than the Sean Murphy or Graham Dott, both previous world championship winners, but both lacking in crowd appeal and charisma. 

For these reasons, Jimmy White is my sporting hero; the snooker player I want to be and the legend all the current top 16 wish they could be as popular as!

By James Donnelly

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