Guest Blog – Lyndsey Dodsworth

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the next in the line of the popular guest blogs. This time it is the turn of Miss Lyndsey Dodsworth, who offers the first female guest blog to this site.

She is 20 years old from Coxhoe, County Durham and a student at Northumbria University. She is an avid Sunderland football fan and a very keen runner who has represented Gateshead Harriers on many occasions.

Take it away Lyndsey…

Our Andy….
Football is ultimately about your team winning matches in order to achieve success, but dig deeper into this and one of the many facets of football surrounds the health, fitness, personality, off the field antics and character of the players.
These attributes have become synonymous with what the modern-day football manager looks for when deciding which players to acquire for his team, and which to move on from his current crop.

As you are aware I am Sunderland football fan and my current favourite player is Andy Reid, a cheeky looking little old-fashioned winger from the emerald isle of Ireland.
Think back towards the end of last season as the Black Cats flirted with relegation from the lucrative money pit that is the Premier League.  The then portly Andy was struggling to make the starting line-up and was rarely given the opportunity to grace the pitch with his natural skills.
Then, Steve Bruce arrives and this for Andy was a major turning point in his professional career.
The generously proportioned Andy would get taunted by fans for his figure, despite been fitter and slimmer than most of the beer guzzling terrace goers.  He had to change or his chance of the big time would be a distant dream and could have resulted in Bruce shipping him out.
And he shipped a few of Roy Keane’s wannabe’s out if I remember rightly.
Not our Andy, he saw the light…

At the close of last season Andy was left experiencing uncertain times, so he took it upon himself to hire a personal trainer who he worked with throughout the summer and preseason.  This resulted in Andy losing 9kg in weight, putting his health and fitness on a par with his natural ability.

Andy has started this season in fine fettle, scoring 4 goals in all competitions as well assisting team mates in setting up some spectacular goals.  Andy’s commitment and work ethic on the pitch have been rewarded with several ‘man of the match’ accolades. 

Culminating in Steve Bruce raving:

“He has been arguably our best player for a month,”

As Ireland do battle with France this weekend for a place in next year’s World Cup in South Africa, Andy will again be excluded from Trapattoni’s squad.  I believe this personal vendetta against Andy could seriously impact on his team’s success in this play-off eliminator. 

Andy, through his sheer commitment and determination has shown his true potential – he is HOT property!! 

For those of you who haven’t already guessed, I’ve always had a soft spot for our Andy!


Thank you Linz for a very enjoyable read indeed. Please take time to check out Linz fantastic and inspirational entry to the sporting hero room (just click on the name); Dame Kelly Holmes

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