Let The Countdown Begin…

I recently interviewed Sophie Brown, the Young Ambassador for Wear Valley and Teasdale District. Please have a look at the interview and then read Sophie’s passionate plea for the countdown to the games to begin!

Take it away Sophie…

Many people think the 2012 games is years away, it is, 2 years in fact, but it’s never too early to start counting down to these games. The games will be here before we know; I personally can’t believe it’s been 5 years since London was named the host city of the 2012 games, when the country jumped up and down with excitement. 
I believe as a country we have nothing in this country to celebrate and look forward too, we should be shouting it from the roof tops that we have such an amazing event coming to our home country.
This is our ray of light, in such a dark time, of the recession and loss of jobs, aren’t you sick of hearing about the election? I know I am.

I believe it’s time for us to start counting down, even if it was simply talking about the games coming to London, telling your friends that it’s only

831 days to the Start of the Olympic Games 2012, and 864 days to the Paralympics’ Games (as of Sunday 18th April 2010)

Or even through the power of modern technology, be it twitter, face book, MySpace, u tube, the list goes on. This way the message would be spread faster and further, meaning more people will become aware of the Games been on the horizon.

Everyone should take time out to look into who is going to be representing Great Britain in London, from youngsters like Tom Daley and Jessica Ennis (both who have featured on BBC’s Olympic Dreams) or those who have been around for some years like, Sir Chris Hoy (pictured below) and Paula Radcliffe.
London 2012 is a way of showing off our country, the culture, the people, simply everything.
We should embrace the games, make it our own. Whether you will be watching from the comfort of your own home, or actually in London itself, we should all make an effort to watch every part of the games, like we do with the football and the rugby.

Fly the British Flag with pride!  

Sophie Brown
Young Ambassador

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