Number 15 For King Roger?

Tomorrow sees the culmination of this years tournament at SW19 and what a final it is expected to be.

I only hope it backs up what has been a fantastic tournament.

The great Roger Federer is on course to win an unprecedented 15th grand slam tournament over taking the current record he jointly holds with Pete Sampras.

It has to happen doesn’t it?

Well Andy Roddick will be thinking otherwise and his performances in this years tournament could back up his claim to finally beat Roger in a Wimbledon final (two defeats to date).

The British public and media are still coming to terms with Andy Murray’s semi-final defeat to Roddick but it has to be remembered he is only 22 years old and his time should come.

If Roger Federer is successful in this final he will be the greatest tennis player in the history of the sport. Facts do not lie, check out his achievements:

  • 14 grand slam wins; 5 Wimbledon; 5 U.S. Open; 3 Australian Open; 1 French Open
  • 21 consecutive grand slam semi-final appearances
  • 20 grand slam final appearances
  • Won last five U.S. grand slams on the bounce
  • Only 6th man to win all 4 majors
  • Previously held world no.1 ranking for 237 weeks consecutively

Very special statistics, wouldn’t you agree?

He appears to be another in the long line of sporting gentleman, with an excellent persona both on and off the court. He is an extremely elegant player and some would argue he is the most complete player in the history of the men’s game. I agree.

After having, by his standards, a fairly poor 2008, the summer Olympics in Beijing of that year somehow rejuvenated Federer. He won the men’s doubles for Switzerland and this invigorated him to challenge at his usual standard.

This also helped him conquer the ghost of Roland Garros, which had also haunted Pete Sampras and this appears to have given him the freedom to play without pressure and to enjoy his game.

He is the peoples choice and the British crowd and media have taken him to their hearts over the years.

It will not be an easy match against Roddick, a former world number 1 and winner of the U.S. Open, but Federer is clearly the favourite.

They have a lot to live up to after last years epic final, arguably the greatest final ever, but I hope it is an entertaining masterpiece and I also hope Federer wins to become the outright greatest ever.

Roddick appears to be a reasonable man and a fantastic tennis player but this is Federers time!

My prediction? Federer to win but hopefully in more than his usual three sets, make a final of it please Roddick for all to enjoy.

Cheers for reading.

Take it easy.


P.s. As the Tour De France began today, a special good luck to the sporting icon that is Lance Armstrong.

He is a true sporting ambassador and I hope he has a fantastic ride and fingers crossed he could add to his seven tour victories.

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