Old Firm Keep Knocking

The question of the Old Firm (Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers) joining the English Premier League seems to rise to the forefront of debate every 6 months.

It never seems to come from these clubs directly, yet other sources have given an opinion on the matter. The latest individual to voice their inclusion is Phil Gartside the Chairman of Bolton Wanderers.

Many aspects have to be considered before allowing their inclusion. Many governing bodies and clubs need to vote in favour of their inclusion, which appears to be a sticking point.

Though the fact UEFA, Europe’s governing body, have said they would not veto their inclusion should be taken which a pinch of salt. This has to be a question of greed and nothing else?

I agree they would up the standard of entertainment in the Premier League as recent fixtures between the Premier League teams and the Old Firm have proven. The fan base, level of quality and most importantly to all chairmen, revenue would definitely increase.

To put this argument to bed we’d need to have a British League or the much touted European Super League this again has to be only based on improving financial implications. This in my opinion should not be allowed to happen. You are dealt your geographic location so lets leave it at that.

If Phil Gartside or any other chairman is so keen to play these two teams then join the Scottish Premier League. End Of. If these two teams left Scottish football it would be the death of a very poor league as it is! This cannot be allowed to happen.

To conclude this is a long way from happening and requires 14 of 20 Premier League chairman to agree to such a deal, but surely they are voting to lose their top flight status.

It also requires the agreement of several governing bodies and history shows they simply do not agree with each other.

I’ll admit I don’t follow Rugby Union as closely as other sports, I don’t believe I’d have the time so you have to compromise. But from the recent six nations action I have seen, Paul O’Connell, the Irish and Munster Lock, is a fantastic player, who plays with pride, passion and commitment.

He was chosen this week to lead the British Lions tour of South Africa and he has to be the perfect choice, comparisons to Martin Johnson are obvious to be seen.

He leads from his own performance and is an old-fashioned Rugby player, I hope he fairs better than Brian O’Driscoll did in 2005 Lions Tour. He lasted two minutes of the first test before been dumped to the ground, before leaving the tour with a dislocated shoulder.

Come on Paul, lead the Lions to victory.

Cheers for reading, see you next time.



P.s. It’s a pleasure to see Roy Keane return to football this week. He was a fantastic player and has the ability to be a fantastic manager. Well done to Ipswich Town for taking this so-called managerial risk, I hope we see them both in the Premier League in the near future.

Also good luck to everyone running this Sunday’s Flora London Marathon, lets hope this prestigious event passes without any major concern.

2 Responses to “Old Firm Keep Knocking”

  1. isleofmanhouses Says:

    I think we should not join the English league as it would destroy years of history.
    We should crate European super league with other big sides from small nations. Cut the domestic league in half to 22 games. then use the free weeks to play a european super league.
    This way we could have our cakes and eat them. keep the domestic leagues and qualification for europe and play big sides across Europe like Rapid Vienna, Ajax, Sporting Libon, Porto.

    • gafferssportsblog Says:

      Thanks for your comments, I agree it will destroy years of history and it will destroy the Scottish game too.

      I like your idea it’s just a shame people like use aren’t running the game. Maybe one day though?? I have a new address for the blog so book mark it, it is http://www.gafferssportsblog.co.uk/

      Cheers, Gaffers

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