The Miracle Of Sanchez

Alejandro Sanchez Lopez, recognise the name?

No. Neither did I until the weekends football had come to a close and I caught up on the action across Europe. Namely England, Spain and Italy but I also check Germany, Holland etc.

Anyway I digress.

This past weekend at approximately 17:30 at the Mestalla Stadium, Valencia, the home side were defeating Real Zaragoza 3-1.

A normal occurence you might add.

It was until the aforementioned Alejandro Sanchez Lopez took to the field of play. Commonly known as Alex Sanchez (pictured below), the 20-year-old Zaragoza born striker had been rewarded by his manager Marcelino after scoring 12 goals in 10 reserve team appearances so far this season.


In making this substitution Marcelino was aiming to change the course of the match. By adding a striker to the field of play he wanted to win a football match or at least get back into a losing battle but by introducing Sanchez the move made history.

He became the first disabled footballer to play top-flight football in the Spanish League a year after becoming the first disabled player to play in the second tier of the Spanish League.

Alex Sanchez was born without a right hand and he may hold the title of the first disabled footballer to play at the top-level in a league in Europe if not the World.

This shouldn’t be deemed an issue, it should be seen as a normal occurence but until now it hasn’t happened. Obviously it goes without saying that a disability should not be considered when wanting to ply your trade as a professional footballer, but admittedly it could hamper the level you aspire to reach.

Thankfully Alex has set the benchmark for disabled individuals to aim for the top as this proves the goal can be achievable.

He is only 20-years-old and from the footage I have seen, Alex seems to have many of the attributes required to make the grade at the top as a striker.

Pace, confidence, and strength immediately spring to mind.

This shouldn’t be major news but hopefully it can bridge a gap in a sport that less than 30 years ago felt women couldn’t play the sport.

The times are changing and long may it continue for the greater good of all involved and all who aspire to achieve success.

Never give up the dreams can be achieved.

Thanks for reading and hope you keep reading my blogs.



P.s. Check out the Spanish television footage they compiled of Sanchez. Hope he can keep up his progress and continue to develop into a quality footballer.

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