Cristiano Ronaldo Is Over-Rated

I didn’t back the national winner before you ask! Maybe next year?

I’ve needed to get this off my chest for some time and after watching his recent performances, he’ll be pleased I’ve dedicated this blog to him, well almost.

So am I alone in thinking Cristiano Ronaldo is over-rated? If not please let me know. This isn’t about him as a person, that wouldn’t be fair of me even if he is irritating to say the least.

We could harp on about the ‘infamous wink’, his former use of lime green boots or his ‘its only about me’ attitude. He seems to have a fan base who believe he’s the best player since Best, Maradona and Pele.  Just ask Johan Cruyff.

I agree with the notion he is a good player and yes last season he had an amazing return of 42 goals in 49 games (the majority of these coming from dead ball situations and against lesser opposition). But one amazing season doesn’t make him an all-time great, does it?

I feel there are many aspects to been the best player in the world and it surely can’t go on skill, goal ratio and fan following.

It has to be based upon character, ability, temperament, success, representing the game, respect, team work, work ethic and many more aspects. Cristiano lacks several of these and in my opinion wouldn’t be in the top-ten players playing the game at the moment.

Yes he’s won league and champions league titles with Manchester United and yes he has the ability but he isn’t any of the following stars of the game;

Lionel Messi, Kaka, Fernando Torres, Steven Gerrard, Xavi, Sergio Ramos, Gianluigi Buffon, Franck Ribery, Wayne Rooney, Iker Casillas, David Villa

This list could be added to with several others.

Ronaldo doesn’t turn up in the big games, hasn’t done anything for his national side in several years and seems to not be playing for anybody other that himself.

I believe the English game would be better off without him, so go on Sir Alex, cash in on him whilst Real Madrid are keen to buy, then go sign up Franck Ribery to light up the Premier League next season.

I look forward to hearing your opinions of this matter.

I attended a cross-country race meeting recently with my niece, aged 8, who was running in this race. It was a cold, wet day and the event was a shambles. The enthusiasm and help of the volunteers cannot be doubted, but the grass roots level of sport in this country needs addressing.

It requires a professional and knowledgeable approach with the input of people who have succeeded in the coaching or participation of their discipline. Give something back to these sports or the 1 gold medal on the track in Beijing will continue through 2012.

It’s good to see immature footballers can’t get away with every act of petulance. Well done to the SFA (Scottish Football Association) for taking the correct stance on Barry Ferguson and Allan McGregor, both of Glasgow Rangers and Scotland Internationals (now former).

Both players behaved unprofessionally drinking until late morning and having the immature approach of dealing with the after affects of been dropped to the bench (8 years old do it in the playground, how funny they are).

Apologies only happen when we take away their privileges, too little, too late (that’s what happens with children too).

Cheers, take it easy and I look forward to you reading my next blog.


P.S. Well-done to Martin Brundle, he has shown time and time again he is a top level commentator/pundit on Formula 1. His analysis is superb and his commentary of a top level. His pre-race starting grid walk should be watched by one and all, he proves you can get under the skin of the Formula 1 fraternity.

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