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Leo Messi – The Greatest Ever?

April 1, 2010

It is a debate that will rage on and on for many a month to come and has arguably raged on since the dawn of football, Pele or Maradona? Gazza or Best? Banks or Zoff?

How many of you actually chose on the above as you were reading? I did.

This debate has resurfaced this week after FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta declared on the clubs official web site; “He’s the best player in the world right now and the best ever, together with Cruyff and Maradona, he’s the best we’ve seen at the club

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Chelsea’s Win At All Costs Mentality Has Stunted Growth

March 25, 2010

The juggernaut that is Chelsea rolls on to a mouth-watering tie with top four pretenders Aston Villa this weekend. Yet Roman Abramovich‘s club could be approaching a watershed moment if the current state of the club continues.

Chelsea has all the attributes of a trophy machine, it’s what Abramovich and now departed Jose Mourinho built together. They are big, strong, athletic and have a winning mentality imbedded in their psyche. All fantastic traits you would want in any team. But under the surface and in the long-term Chelsea look on unsteady ground.

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Return Of The Champions League

February 15, 2010

This week see’s the eagerly anticipated return of the Champions League with a slightly different schedule based on only two matches to take place per match-day.

Knowing U.E.F.A (European football governing body) it will probably have a lot to do with television and marketing rights, though they’ll vehemently deny this of course.

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Is It Only Sport?

May 30, 2009

In an ever changing world when we listen to any news bulletin and are bombarded with nuclear war threats, MPs and there latest expense shenanigans, swine flu, Mike Tyson’s daughter tragically dying and the continuation of the credit crunch.

It has to be remembered that it is only a sport, a hobby that we choose to follow it isn’t or shouldn’t be a matter of life or death. But it isn’t, is it? It is more than just a sport, a game, and occasionally it may feel like the end of our world.

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Clash Of The Titans

May 26, 2009

The time to talk is almost over, both sides have had their says and the journalists, supporters and wannabes have given opinion, who will win? Who will turn up? Messi or Ronaldo to win the game? What about the other 20 players starting the game?

This is the pinnacle of the European football season and after last seasons poor final I for one am very pleased it is not an all English final and I am really looking forward to what hopes to be one of the best, hottest contested finals for many a year.

So, where is your money going on this final?

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