Is It Only Sport?

In an ever changing world when we listen to any news bulletin and are bombarded with nuclear war threats, MPs and there latest expense shenanigans, swine flu, Mike Tyson’s daughter tragically dying and the continuation of the credit crunch.

It has to be remembered that it is only a sport, a hobby that we choose to follow it isn’t or shouldn’t be a matter of life or death. But it isn’t, is it? It is more than just a sport, a game, and occasionally it may feel like the end of our world.

Sport is therefore our release, our 90 minutes, our limited overs match, our best of 11 frames etc basically it’s a major way of removing ourselves from everyday life and finding a Bermuda triangle allowing us to exist only for the sport we are watching, for that period of time nothing else matters.

As I watched the Champions’ League final the other night in a pub reasonable full of people wanting Manchester United to win, whilst four of us in our own little corner of hope cheered for Barca with increasing optimism as the match progressed

I think I finally realised that sport and in particular football has this great power to take each and everyone of us away from every day life, problems and missing a recent Jimmy Carr performance (apologies private joke).

I have thought this before on numerous occasions but this had to be the most obvious and poignant example to date. Three days previous I was suffering from Survival Sunday syndrome when my team Middlesbrough were rightly relegated from the Premier League as my second team Celtic whimpered out of the title race in Scotland.

Sport had not done as it said it would do on the tin!

But I feel slightly fortunate and I know I am not alone in supporting more than one team, many football fans do this and in my opinion true followers of the game usually have at least two teams to help satisfy their needs, yes that’s it, sport is the everyday persons drug.

You can’t bottle it or describe the feeling that goes through the whole of your body as you experience the highs and the lows in the world of sport. To win the Ashes, the Rugby World Cup, my beloved Middlesbrough winning the Carling Cup, numerous trophies for Celtic and Barcelona, there simply is not a feeling to match these glorious sporting occasions.

So when someone has the bare-faced cheek to say to you “It is only a game, I don’t know why you are so bothered” you have my permission to give them a right ear full and put them firmly in their place.

I don’t feel film, music, art, television, politics, walking whatever it may be has the ability to come close to the power sport possesses to take you away to a world that exists for milli-seconds, moments that are intangible but live with us to help us get through the next problem, the next flu epidemic.

Sport should be prescribed on the NHS. It is the ultimate drug but don’t forget it offers the ultimate come down should fate swing the other way and your team or teams are not successful.

So good luck to you and your sporting teams with whatever they do and I hope they bring you the kind of happiness I experienced on Wednesday because it is the ultimate feeling from a sporting point of view.

What has been your most memorable sporting feeling? When the times are tough or your feeling annoyed, just think back to it and this will get you through!

Just don’t be calling Glen Hoddle for any faith healing advice!

Cheers for reading my opinions and please take a moment to watch the most accurate cricket throw in history I promise you’ll be amazed


P.s. I need to say a huge well done to all of these people listed below for obvious reasons;

  •  Josep Guardiola
  •  Jaon Laporta
  •  Victor Valdes
  •  José Martín Cáceres
  •  Gerard Pique
  •  Rafael Márquez
  •  Carles Puyol
  •  Xavi Hernandez
  •  Eidur Gudjohnsen
  •  Andrés Iniesta
  •  Samuel Eto´o
  •  Lionel Messi
  •  Bojan Krkic
  •  José Manuel Pinto
  •  Thierry Henry
  •  Seydou Keita
  •  Sylvinho
  •  Gabriel Milito
  •  Daniel Alves
  •  Alexander Hleb
  •  Éric Abidal
  •  Touré Yaya
  •  Albert Jorquera Fortia
  •  Pedro Rodríguez Ledesma
  •  Sergi Busquets
  •  Victor Sánchez Mata
  •  Xavi Torres
  •  And everyone of the coaching staff and all involved at The Camp Nou

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