Arsene Wenger – The Professor’s Way

Nick Hornby wrote a column not long ago where he questioned the boo boys at Arsenal and suggested that supporters have been perhaps spoilt for far too long. There were many that countered that view although I feel the esteemed author was spot on in every regard.

I cannot believe what I have been reading by some Arsenal supporters in the past few months. With every defeat or poor result in general there appears to be a constant slamming of Arsene Wenger, his policy, his failure to secure some new signings all get dragged out on a variety of websites, where one even created a petition to get him sacked.

Phone-ins are littered with disgruntled supporters after every given defeat and maybe some Arsenal fans really need to appreciate what they have got.Arsene Wenger it seems is on a pedestal at Arsenal these days when all it takes is a couple of bad results and then the doom and gloom merchants return and start questioning every little detail.

You don’t tend to hear much from these people when the team are doing well and it is a shame that they never seem to give credit when things are going right.

One of the great frustrations tends to stem around the whole transfer policy and why Wenger failed to add numbers and spend countless millions on the squad. I think on this occasion Arsene made a rod for his own back, in January, by suggesting he will be spending big on a top class striker and failing to deliver that promise, but is it really an issue that he didn’t?

The last time I looked Arsenal were the top scorers in the country so they clearly haven’t been suffering in that department. Maybe there is a case to strengthen in centre midfield, but surely it is more the formation that makes Arsenal look vulnerable at times and leaves the defence exposed.

Wenger could go out and spend £50m, but will that honestly guarantee success?

Some Arsenal supporters were bemoaning the fact they didn’t spend big on Felipe Melo in the summer; they are the same ones who are now telling me how sensational Alex Song has been this season. Who is to say that Nicklas Bendtner will now step up in Van Persie’s absence and become the kind of striker that he claims to have the potential to be.

It is this whole grass is greener mentality which some have, where if Wenger was to leave then a new manager would bring instant success, or spending big will ensure silverware. Maybe as Hornby suggested that Arsenal fans have become spoilt and have forgotten what Wenger has already achieved at the football club during his time and fail to see the benefits of his philosophies for the long-term future of Arsenal.

Wenger is ensuring that his legacy sees a structure much the same as the one Barcelona now enjoy where the club’s academy feeds the first team and signings are done at a minimum. This will ensure longevity of the football club and the continuation of bringing through top quality youngsters. While I am sure that many of you would prefer the club to adopt the Real Madrid approach of transfer spending, I ask the question as to where all these spending sprees have got them.

Arsene Wenger is arguably one of the top five coaches in the world and should he win the title this season then it will arguably prove to be his greatest ever success, given the manner in which he has achieved it. Gary Lineker suggested in his column that English football needs Arsenal to win the title this season to show what can be achieved without the need to spend big and Wenger is so close to achieving it.

Everyone away from Arsenal can appreciate the fine work that Wenger is doing and with the exception of perhaps United there isn’t a club who wouldn’t give anything to have him managing their football club. It is a shame that a minority of his own support cannot appreciate what he is trying to achieve. A little bit of faith and belief can go a long way and it is time some Arsenal fans got behind the manager because there are few better in the game.

They say one swallow doesn’t make a summer; well a few bad results don’t make Wenger a bad manager.

Written by Martin Crawford, Chief Editor,

5 Responses to “Arsene Wenger – The Professor’s Way”

  1. newsmediaimages Says:

    I’m a man and boy here.
    We have not had a manager as good as Arsene Wenger since Herbie Chapman, and neither has the premiership.

    Arsene has changed the way EVERY team in the Premiership play their football. With the ball on the ground ! ( After all it is a game football not head ball)

    These boo boys are typical of the mindless morons we have to tolerate at football grounds, their only purpose being to fill in the gaps between Andy Gray Martin Tyler and the girlish squeals of players demanding justice !

  2. gafferssportsblog Says:

    Sadly these boo boys are followers of every club and instant success has become the demand of the average, ill-informed football fan.

    I call them the SKY SPORTS GENERATION!!

    The game needs people like Wenger to win and then hopefully the game can transform to the traditions WE true fans deserve!!

    Cheers, Gaffers

  3. newsmediaimages Says:

    Can’t dis-agree with you, but whilst they are in the grounds the few ruin it for the many and I for one will be watching my beloved team at home on Sky .

  4. Mo Bamba Says:

    Got to admit the great job that Arsene has achieved. With a virtually none sense philosophy in today’s football he managed to maintain respectable status while spending the least of the big 4. The paradox is that Arsenal yields the highest return on tickets and accessories. In that case why not reduce tickets price for fans ( Oh they have a new stadium paid for at 80%).
    Football is about beautiful game and trophies, so far we only contemplate half.

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