Rafael Nadal – A Great Of The Sporting World

In our sporting life time we get to see many top performers but it is rarely we get to watch a true genius at work.

Recent times this would include Michael Schumacher, Michael Jordon, Sachin Tendulkar and Dame Ella McArthur amongst others we could debate for days.

These are true greats who will be remembered for many a year to come and who we can proudly say I watched him/her perform at the pinnacle of their careers. Well we are blessed to be watching Rafael ‘Rafa’ Nadal.

He has set the tennis world alight and at the tender age of 22 (he’ll be 23 in June) he has won a remarkable 6 Grand Slams in his 8 final appearances.

This is not quite a monopoly as yet with Federar, Djokovic and Murray trying to catch his shirt tails, but it soon will be.

This year he has an excellent chance to win all four Grand Slams in the same year, a feat only achieved by 5 tennis players (male or female) in the sports history.

The last time was Steffi Graf back in 1988 (She won what is known as the ‘Golden Slam’ that year when she added Olympic Gold to the four Slams).

Nadal did win Olympic Gold at Beijing 2008 but apparently that doesn’t count. This man is on the verge of achieving greatness and I for one would love to see this happen for a male player in my lifetime.

We should be cheering the boy from Majorca on!

His record is simply amazing in his small career to date; his stats read; 6 Grand Slam wins in 8 final appearances; 34 career titles to date; 14 of them in the Masters series (3 behind Andre Agassi’s record); 4 consecutive French Open titles; prize money of over $23.5 million, this list could go on. 

I would personally like to see Andy Murray win a Grand Slam in the coming months and years but this year I’d prefer to see ‘Rafa’ achieve the unthinkable.

In the sporting world anything is possible and I only hope we are not prevented from seeing this happen due to injury or ill health.

Good luck ‘Rafa’.

We have reached the business end of the finale to the Premier League and with only 5 fixtures remaining it’s a case of now or never for the title chasers and the relegation threatened clubs.

The result last night has almost given the title to Manchester United, but what a game it was. They will win the title this season but at the other end of the table it is all to play for.

Several teams could still be relegated from the Premier League but as it stands and with the fixtures remaining my choices are; West Bromwich Albion, Newcastle United and Hull City.

This is based on poor form, indifferent happenings within their clubs and the lack of confidence and quality to win enough games in the remaining fixtures.

I hear people say Middlesbrough (my team) will be relegated, but I honestly believe with a 5 five fixtures remaining these are the type of games we prefer to play in and not the so called ‘dog fights’.

Time will tell, but enjoy the run-in and here’s to the best league in the world!

Enjoy reading and keep telling your friends to read too.



P.s. I would like to say a huge well-done to Paul ‘Gazza’ Gascoigne for his recent comeback to our screens. It is a shame to see him as he is but I only hope this will lead to better times for Gazza.

It has to be remembered his speech is as it is due to his medication. Good Luck Gazza and well done to the BBC for giving him an opportunity.

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