The Futures Bright, The Futures Eoin

In a week when the English media and sports fans in general are questioning the hunger, skill and desire of the nations footballers, thankfully the cricketing equivalent within the English game are glowing with continued success.

On the back of the World T20 Victory, England (at the time of writing) have a unasailable 3-0 lead against our greatest cricketing rivals, Australia, in the five-match, one-day international series.

I think this is due in no small part to the emergence of Middlesex batsmen, Eoin Morgan (pictured above). Following some fine performances for his homeland, Ireland, he was allowed to switch countries and play for his now adopted nation, England.

I’ll admit I think that crickets governing body (ICC) need to re-think this aspect of the game, as it is unfair for Ireland to nature such a talent, through the early years of his career and then not be allowed to reap the rewards from this, this is definitely an argument for another time.

Back to Eoin (pictured below), he has brought a new dimension to the english one-day and twenty20 teams since making his debut back in May 2009 against the West Indies. A decision he and the English selectors will look back on and never regret.

His rise to prominence has resulted in Indian Premier League (IPL) contracts with Bangalore Royal Challengers and the possibility of a central contract from the English Cricket Board (ECB). This rise looks set to continue.

Morgan is a fantastically gifted cricketer who learnt his skills on the playing fields and streets of Dublin and his begun to exert his presence on all forms of the modern game. He has a unique style, which appears to incorporate his Irish up-bringing and his gaelic roots.

He appears to be a very determined and single-minded individual despite his tender age of 23 and couple this with an array of shots almost unseen in the modern game of cricket and you appear to have the makings of a star of the future.

He is proving to be a great finisher in the game and is often batting for England at the depth, securing many a victory with his confident, no-nonsense approach to the game.

As an English cricket fan, it is reassuring to see Morgan (pictured below) at the crease and you do sense that with him in the side that everything is going to be alright.

Long may this continue.

He is an excellent fielder and a great person to have around the team at this current moment in time.

His ability to finish the game, as I mentioned early, is rivalled only by the greats in the modern game, names like AB De Villiers, MS Dhoni and Mike Hussey immediately spring to mind, but Eoin is definitely not out-of-place in their elusive company.

I personally believe that with his undoubted cricketing talents, his strong individual mentality, his ability to play all forms of the game at the highest level following his recent test-match debut and with age on his side, that he can definitely be earmarked as a future captain of the English national side.

Big shout this maybe, but I honestly don’t see any reason why he cannot go on to achieve the greatest accolades within the game.

Ireland’s loss is definitely England’s gain!!

Keep entertaining and winning Eoin, it is a pleasure to watch you at the crease and on the field on play.

Cheers as always.


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