Is Giggs The Greatest?

Ryan Giggs

As I watched the Manchester derby on Sunday afternoon, an admiration that I had already developed for one player grew as he turned back the years and set about making the expensive Manchester City defence look amateurish at best.

The frenetic pace of the first half had passed him by but once the pace slowed slightly the mercurial Ryan Giggs, now at the tender age of 35 dictated the play and proved yet again that he is a legend of the great game.

As a football fan like many around me we have been privileged to see some of the games greats play in our lifetime; Kaka, Messi, Gascoigne, Matthaus, Ronaldo to name but five, but I believe the greatest player we have seen has to undoubtedly be Ryan Giggs.

Take the modern era of football, for arguments sake from the dawn of the Premier League, which really did take football to another level in this country which resulted in other countries having to compete until the present day.

Let me put this argument across to you in a more structured manner. Take away his unfortunate choice of international career, though he only followed the country of his father and he has won many of the games major trophies on more than one occasion.

His argument as the greatest of his generation is backed up by his longevity; the only player to play and score in every season of the Premier League since it began back in 1992.

He has the skill, the pace, the match winning ability to change a game, the commitment, the stamina, I could go on with this list but Giggsy has been a legend of the game and it provides a strong argument for the greatest of all-time but that would be for another occasion.

His list of achievements are phenomenal and that list could be a strong enough argument alone, yet his influence on a generation of youngsters in the early 90s cannot be put into words. Boys wanted to be him (I did when I played in the park didn’t you?) and the girls wanted to be with him.

It could have all been a different story for Giggs as when he was a youngster he was extremely good at Rugby League and admitted that he was devoted to the sport and wanted to emulate his Dad (Danny Wilson, Welsh Rugby League International).

Thank God he didn’t!

Time may now be against Giggs but his brain and football intelligence will allow him to compete at the highest level for as long as he so wishes.

He holds the record for Manchester United appearances, he has won so many trophies with this great club and ultimately he is the type of gentleman that everybody likes. Putting these pointers together makes him easily the greatest player in Premier League history.

He has in my opinion to be one of the most successful players of all-time, it is such a shame he didn’t choose to play for England when he had that difficult choice all those years ago. But we have to respect his decision.

England may well have won a major tournament with Giggs on the left wing!

My all-time favourite Ryan Giggs moment is below for all of you to view time and time again.

It is simply amazing. Would Manchester United have won the treble that season without that moment of genius?

I truly hope he plays on for the next couple of seasons at least.

Let me know your thoughts on this true great. Leave a comment below.



P.s. Well done to Australia for truly dominating the one-day series against England in the 7 match cricket series.

They truly showed the frailties many have known for years in the England team when it comes to the one-day version of the game.

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