Clash Of The Titans

The time to talk is almost over, both sides have had their says and the journalists, supporters and wannabes have given opinion, who will win? Who will turn up? Messi or Ronaldo to win the game? What about the other 20 players starting the game?

This is the pinnacle of the European football season and after last seasons poor final I for one am very pleased it is not an all English final and I am really looking forward to what hopes to be one of the best, hottest contested finals for many a year.

So, where is your money going on this final?

The game of football with it’s recent financial irregularities, players behaving like live animals, referees and governing bodies accused of bias and disliking certain countries needs a match to befit the sport we so rightly love. This has to be the ultimate two team choice of football fans except Chelsea of course.

Both teams seem to have a large proportion of mutual respect for each other especially the two managers, all part of the mind games? I think not. Many aspects need to be taken into consideration before this game can be deemed to be prepared to offer the entertainment, excitement and total football, which football deserves.

On the Manchester United side of things, will Rio Ferdinand be fit? Will they decide to play Ronaldo up front to cover his attitude to not defend? But probably most importantly can they do as they did last season and play a la Chelsea with slightly more attacking emphasis as they will feel the key to victory will come from nullifying Barcelona’s threat.

The concerns in the Barcelona camp are less tactical and more about who will fill into which position within the team. I cannot see Barcelona playing anything other than their 4-3-3 formation but some of the personnel to full these positions are still up in the air. With both first choice full backs suspended, how will the back four line up? Will Iniesta and Henry be fit to start or be on the bench?

My opinion for what it is worth. Should United allow Barcelona to play football then only one team will win. Should Barcelona be able to handle Uniteds attacking threat with a makeshift back line then yet again Barcelona will win. If Fergie has his tactical nous to back up with a touch of luck then the money has to be on United.

I only hope that Barcelona do win as no team in the history of the Spanish game has ever won the treble having already won the La Liga title and the Copa del Rey I think this is a far more wanting achievement especially from a manager in his first full year as a top-level manager.

My prediction: Barcelona 2 Manchester United 1 after extra time, yours?

It seems the manager merry go round is hotting up with several high profile jobs available in the UK and abroad. The list below is not endless and at the time of writing these jobs are currently available, interested? Why not apply?

  • Chelsea
  • Sunderland
  • Portsmouth
  • Aberdeen
  • Celtic
  • QPR
  • Reading
  • Port Vale
  • Real Madrid
  • Charlton Athletic
  • Hartlepool United

Need I say anymore? Forget the transfer rumour mill or possible take overs and any other business in the world of football. Surely this will be an amazing summer of comings and goings in terms of managers with uncertainty also surrounding Newcastle United, AC Milan and many many more.

I’m thinking of dusting off my Championship Manager CV and applying for all of these jobs, surely the law of averages would dictate that I would get at least one job offer and I can’t be worse than Alan Shearer can I?

Good luck to the British Lions of their tour of South Africa which starts this Saturday lets hope they fair well and can produce a level of performance to restore some faith in our international sides.

Cheers for reading


P.s. Well done to Paul Casey on his win in the PGA Championship at Wentworth on Sunday, Casey has now risen to number 3 in the world rankings behind Tiger Woods and Phil Mickleson.

Congratulations Paul and I only hope this is the start of a return to the top for British golfers.

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