Exclusive Interview With Harry Gration

This was an opportunity I just couldn’t turn down. I had to take advantage of some time with a legend of BBC North (Leeds), The Rugby League Show and Final Score regular.

Yes it is the one and the only Harry Gration.

Harry had the pleasure to do the coin toss at yesterday’s Betfair Sphering event in Leeds and afterwards I took some time out with him.

GSB: Hi Harry, Are you enjoying this today?

HG: Yeah I am, isn’t this fantastic?

GSB: Yeah it is. Are you having a go?

HG: No and I’ll tell you why, anything that goes round and round like that would knock me sick.

GSB: So who is your money on then?

HG: Dizzy but I’m bias. I do want the England team to win but I am bias towards Dizzy as he played for Yorkshire and I am a Yorkshire fan. I love Yorkshire.

GSB: I am a Yorkshire fan too Harry.

HG: Oh well we have in common, a poor season so far then.

GSB: Are you looking forward to the test match at Headingley on Friday?

HG: I can’t wait, cricket is my passion and I am going on Friday and Saturday. I love Headingley. They have spent a fortune on the ground and it needs a good test match. They have concerns about the barmy army but they won’t be a problem.

GSB: I am going on Saturday, should be a good day?

HG: There is no better day in sport in my opinion than a Saturday test match at Headingley.

GSB: Are you going dressed up?

HG: Ha, Definitely not, I’m a guest so will be suit and tie job.

GSB: So what is your prediction for this test match then?

HG: A lot depends on who wins the toss and the weather. Rain expected Thursday night, so it depends how the ground deals with that and the forecast is good for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Plus if one team scores 350 plus in the first innings they may win it.

GSB: Is that you sitting on the fence then?

HG: Yes it is.

GSB: And the remainder of the series?

HG: I think we have got them this time round, they aren’t ferocious like before with Shane Warne, Glenn McGrath and Dizzy, but Mitchell Johnson is starting to motor.

GSB: He is a special cricketer, isn’t he?

HG: He is. Anyone who saw the series against South Africa will realise that. They all came to the millennium square yesterday and they are a great bunch. Simon Katich is a gentleman.

GSB: How is the Rugby League show going this season?

HG: The show on Sunday is doing very well and is part of the furniture with a loyal following, but it does get annoying a little to not have a regular slot. What a season we are having. You couldn’t put your money on who’ll be in the grand final. Huddersfield are doing well and you can’t write off Wigan.

GSB: Finally Harry, Who is your all-time favourite cricketer?

HG: Well Geoff Boycott was a great player and is a close friend. To watch would be someone like Ted Dexter. But my all-time favourite would have to be Fred Trueman.

GSB: Thanks for your time Harry.

HG: Your more than welcome.

Another Gentleman on what turned out to be a day of fantastic people sharing their time with each other.

Hope you have enjoyed this interview and hopefully there will be more to follow.

Many thanks for reading.



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