Gaffers Sports Blog Sporting Hero’s

The cult hero’s of sport are inducted into this room on a regular basis. So read on to see who’s entered into the room so far.

You know you have a cult hero (Sebastien Chabal, pictured above fits the criteria), so why not add it to the below list? You know you want to…

Also if you wish to write a piece on your sporting hero, then leave me a message below.

This isn’t based on success, it’s based on the impact they have on an individual’s life and sporting influence. That is far more important than any trophy based success.

Inducted so far are:

– Tony Mowbray by Derek J. Gaffney. Read More…

– Sachin Tendulkar by Chris Newton. Read More…

– Sir Richard Hadlee by Nigel Webster. Read More…

– Gary Lineker by Shawn Moore. Read More…

– Brian Clough by Brain Mair. Read More…

– Jimmy White by James Donnelly. Read More…

– Dame Kelly Holmes by Lyndsey Dodsworth. Read More…

As ever your comments are most welcome.

Enjoy, Gaffers

3 Responses to “Gaffers Sports Blog Sporting Hero’s”

  1. gafferssportsblog Says:

    Cheers Chris,

    Fantastic Entry.


  2. Mark Evans Says:

    I think that of the four all rounders mentioned, two of them have been knighted, and one has run for the presidency of his country. I think this speak volumes for their cricketing ability and certainly Botham, and Imran should join Hadlee in your list of sporting hero’s!!

    But there is one sporting person who stands out head and shoulders above every other person on the planet, he was the only man who could have visited anywhere in the world and everyone would have recognised him, even if they did not follow his sport, i give you the greatest – Cassius Marcellus Clay , or Muhamad Ali!

    • gafferssportsblog Says:

      Fair points Mark,

      These are the choices of people who write a guest blog for my sports blog. There would be many a person entered into the room but it was designed to remain exclusive and a thank you to the guest blog writers.

      Hero\’s are a personal choice. Ali is a hero of anyone into sport a true legend.



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