Jacques Kallis – A Legend In An Era Of Legends

As cricket fans, we have honestly been spoilt with a plethora of fantastic cricketers to watch in recent times and many of these can easily adopt the dubious title ‘legend’.

The names simply roll off the tongue; Ricky Ponting, Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara, Shane Warne, Allan Donald, Stephen Fleming, Sourav Ganguly, Michael Vaughan etc…

Yet one man’s name seems constantly missed off this list and he is arguably the greatest all-rounder of his generation.

Jacques Kallis is that man. Often forgotten when people discuss teams of the decade, they simply forget to include a man of such great natural ability.

Whilst watching him bat on the first day of the current test series versus India, it was easy to see the qualities that have made him such a fantastic addition to a team and that was just as a batsman.

His patient, single-minded, stubborn yet determined approach is exemplary and he rarely seems phased. He is almost the ultimate player you’d want to come to the crease when your team is 6/2 and beginning to wobble.

Yes Ponting, Tendulkar et al have fantastic abilities, I am not arguing that point, I am merely stating that with Kallis, his mental strength is some respects out ways the aforementioned but his ability is something he has to work hard on. 

Couple this with his bowling ability, to consistently bowl medium fast, with exact line and length, gives any team many options and his absence from the recent one-day series defeat to England,  showing the team lacked its usual balance and they struggled to cope with his absence.

It is often said that a great players noticed most when he is absent from the team and South Africa can vouch for this. Add his last all-rounder ability, being a great slip fielder, he can usually be found at second slip and you have the ultimate cricketer for all formats of the game.

The problem with many of the current crop of modern greats, Kallis is ageing, he is 35 this year and the demands of the modern game are catching up on him.

How much longer will he play on? Only he and his body know the answer to this.

Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with Kallis, hated because as such a great player he can border on arrogance at times. Loved because I wish I had the same abilities he possesses in abundance and he is a joy to watch.

To call him an all-time great, will be better judged once he retires and we can reflect on his career but the statistics read well:

  • 33 test hundreds
  • 52 test fifties
  • 260 test wickets
  • 5 test five-wicket hauls
  • 152 test catches
  • 16 one-day hundreds
  • 74 one-day fifties
  • 248 one-day wickets
  • 5 one-day five-wicket hauls
  • 107 one-day catches

Fairly impressive, I think you will agree?

I do hope he continues to play at the highest-level for as long as possible and that he continues his current rich vein of form. I just hope he doesn’t come face-to-face with my beloved England any time in the near future.

Thanks for gracing the cricketing world with your skills Jacques.

You are a champion among cricket champions.

You lucky so and so!!!

Cheers for reading as usual.



2 Responses to “Jacques Kallis – A Legend In An Era Of Legends”

  1. Apoorv Says:

    Agreed!………kallis is more valuable than any other palyer ever…..

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