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My Ashes Pick

September 8, 2010

As a blog writer I will admit I read very few blogs (I know), but one blog I tend to always read is that of Oliver Brett on BBC Sport and when I recently read his Ashes Pick and I realised it is just over 8 weeks until England’s tour of Australia to defend the ashes begins in earnest.

Don’t worry we’ll have another 3 weeks down under before the first test begins in Brisbane. After reading his informative blog, it made me wonder;

Who would make my 16 man squad for the test series in Australia?

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Cheating Will Always Exist!!

September 3, 2010

I consider myself true sports fan, let alone a keen follower of the leather hitting the willow on a warm (ish) sunday afternoon up and down the country, though after the allegations of yet another cheating scandal to rock the sporting world I am questioning my loyalties.

These co-called sports men and women, have over the years, used the basis of their arts to exploit, deceive and prosper from the glorious professions we all would truly aspire to replicate for one day only!!

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Is David Saker England’s Secret Weapon?

July 11, 2010

England cricket is experiencing a change in fortune over recent months, as the post-ashes slump appears to have refrained from happening like it did back in 2005.

This time around ‘team England’ have gone from strength to strength, having respectably drew a test series in South Africa, won the ICC T20 World Cup and defeated the Aussies in a pointless one-day series recently.

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The Futures Bright, The Futures Eoin

June 30, 2010

In a week when the English media and sports fans in general are questioning the hunger, skill and desire of the nations footballers, thankfully the cricketing equivalent within the English game are glowing with continued success.

On the back of the World T20 Victory, England (at the time fo writing) have a unasailable 3-0 lead against our greatest cricketing rivals, Australia, in the five-match, one-day international series.

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Adam Gilchrist – An Aussie Gent

June 4, 2010

As the carnival that is the Friends Provident T20 tournament gets underway in England, I must say it is a pleasure to see Adam Gilchrist return to these shores.

Despite his retirement from all forms of the game except twenty20, I hope this won’t be the final time we see him ply his trade and showcase his undoubted talents for all to see.

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England’s Number 7

April 23, 2010

When Andrew Flintoff announced his retirement from test cricket last summer it left the England cricket side requiring a new all-rounder to strike a balance within the team, a balance Flintoff had given for all of his 70 plus tests.

Many believe that Stuart Broad will one day fill this position and subsequently fill it for many years to come, but I feel the position at number 7 should go to Yorkshire’s Tim Bresnan (pictured above).

He is the ideal replacement for many reasons in my opinion and his stature continues to grow within the game as he becomes more experienced.

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Do Yorkshire Miss Hoggy?

April 19, 2010

As the County Championship came to a close at the end of the 2009 season here in England, it became clear that two parties synonymous which each other were due to part acrimoniously.

Matthew Hoggard (pictured above) was nearing the end of his contract with his local club, Yorkshire, with whom he had spent over 15 years representing and claiming approximately 650 wickets in the process.

A relationship which had always appeared to be fruitful, had become tenuous, as both parties appeared to want differing things.

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And Now For Something Completely Different…

March 5, 2010

In the words of the legendary writers of a foregone era:

“And now for something completely different”

But don’t you worry your pretty little heads…….

We haven’t lost the plot at Gaffers Sports Blog, we have just decided a little diversity does you good, oh and it is nice to showcase different talents too.

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From Bangladesh With Answers

February 22, 2010

Following a reasonable performance in South Africa, the England cricket team head to the sub-continent for an intriguing tour of Bangladesh.

I say intriguing for this tour more than most, has many questions for England to answer

But the ultimate question is; Will England return from Bangladesh with all the answer to the questions been asked? I somehow think not.

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Jacques Kallis – A Legend In An Era Of Legends

February 11, 2010

As cricket fans, we have honestly been spoilt with a plethora of fantastic cricketers to watch in recent times and many of these can easily adopt the dubious title ‘legend’.

The names simply roll off the tongue; Ricky Ponting, Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara, Shane Warne, Allan Donald, Stephen Fleming, Sourav Ganguly, Michael Vaughan etc…

Yet one man’s name seems constantly missed off this list and he is arguably the greatest all-rounder of his generation.

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