My Grand National Tips

Still reading my blog? You must like what I’m doing, either that or your close family or a very loyal friend.

I won’t be mentioning the latest goings on at Newcastle United, they’ve had too many column inches in my view.

It’s the Grand National today, the horse race of all horse races, a national treasure, a sporting event that the country should be proud of.

I personally have watched it since I was a child and other than two visits to Thirsk races its the only horse race I’ve ever bet on. This probably accounts for my poor betting record, I’ve only ever backed one winner and that was at one of the Thirsk meetings.

So I’ve never backed a National winner, not even a 2nd, 3rd or 4th place. I haven’t even had the luck of the sweeps that many of us partake in up and down the country. Never. Ever.

So with all of that in mind, here are my two tips for this years National. I’ll admit I do look at recent form but more importantly I love a good name. Hence my two tips are Irish Invader 20/1 and Offshore Account 33/1.

If you back either horse and they win, I deserve a tipping percentage, say 10%?

The Champions League returns on Tuesday this week and we’ve reached the Quarter Final stage of the tournament. It should be a fascinating couple of games between Barcelona and Bayern Munich, though until we reach the Semi Final stages the other fixtures will be predictable.

Manchester United will progress against FC Porto, Arsenal will progress against Villerreal and Liverpool versus Chelsea, I honestly don’t care about this game as I’m tired of seeing these two teams play each other.

It has a track record of been played like a game of chess and this will be more evident now Chelsea have Guus Hiddink in charge. Roll on the Semi Finals. Though I do believe Chelsea will progress, the international break will have had a knock on affect on Liverpool’s momentum.

My prediction for the Champions League is an Arsenal versus Barcelona Final, in fact I hope it’s those two sides in the Final as they will provide entertainment and quality. We can’t argue against a repeat of the 2006 final at the Stade de France in Paris, can we?

I don’t agree with the home sickness issue raised by the current England cricket team. KP (Kevin Pietersen) stated this week that he didn’t want to be away from his wife, Jessica for a period which has totalled 11 weeks, whilst touring.

I appreciate its hard been away from loved ones but what’s the solution KP?

Could the WAGS be allowed to tour with the team? Should the England team tour for this amount of time? Does anyone care?

These are professional sportsmen, they have watched, trained and played the game for many years. They know the commitment that goes with been a centrally contracted player and a player of high level ability has to understand the sacrifices needed for their careers. 

I could solve the problem easily. Don’t play anymore, as there are thousands of cricket fans in England who would love to trade places with you and spend 3 month in the Caribbean. I’ll have squad number 24 if you don’t want it KP?

Cheers for Reading.


P.S. Congratulations to Jenson Button on winning only the second Grand Prix of his career in Melbourne, Australia last Sunday. I have a feeling he may win several this season with the speed of the Braun cars.

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