Who Will Win The 2010 Football World Cup?

As the World’s greatest football tournament is due to get under way in South Africa and play out over the coming month, who do you think will win the tournament?

Will you be backing England under the guidance of Fabio Capello or will you go for tournament favourites, Spain, Brazil or Italy? Maybe an outsider like the Ivory Coast or the United States?

Have a vote now on the poll below…

Also, why not head over and check the latest tournament odds out at http://www.oddschecker.com/football/internationals/world-cup/win-market and put your money where your vote goes!!

Cheers and enjoy the tournament.


3 Responses to “Who Will Win The 2010 Football World Cup?”

  1. mike Says:

    Who voted Serbia? i think Spain have as good a chance as they’ve ever had. Squad has no reported injuries, if Villa and torres do what they can do , with fabrigas feeding from the mid field, they can cut their way through even an Italian defense.
    England, semi finals would be good.

    • gafferssportsblog Says:

      Cheers as always Mike,

      I’d be surprised in Cesc started with the Barca trio of Xavi, Sergio B & the delightful Iniesta more probable, though he has picked up and injury and this may open the proverbial door for Cesc!!

      Whoever voted for Serbia deserves respect, though its probably some poor individuals idea of a joke!! Ha Ha. They are a good side and an outside bet of mine to upset the status quo (no they aren’t playing!!)

      Cheers, Gaffers

  2. Mo Bamba Says:

    I see England as the winner, not because I like the team or purely on intuition but they will learn as games go by to raise their standard, and this will make them winners.

    Mo( Gaffers fan)

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