The English Inquisition Begins…

Well another tournament, another failing from the English football team and as the players return to this country the inquisition will continue into why England have yet again failed to produce at a major footballing tournament.

I’ll admit that the hurt, anger and embarrassment which initially ensued my thoughts after the second round reversal against an energetic German outfit, have been replaced with a more philosophical, pragmatic and honest frame of mind.

So everyone will be having their five pence worth of opinions on the who, what, when, where, why and how the national team have failed to deliver.

Here are my thoughts…

Fabio Capello

Let me just say you do not become a poor manager overnight and Fabio has proven to be an excellent coach in his many years in the game, yet people always aim to blame the coach.

He’ll admit to making mistakes, mistakes which many will feel cost the team but we have to keep faith with Fabio as his disciplined approach is ultimately what we need with a slight flexibility and he definitely needs help from the Football Association and to use more people in David Beckham’s role in future games.

People will want change and well, is change for the greater good? or does it ultimately hide the over-riding problem? (more of which later)

Capello’s experience counts and we need to develop our techniques and approaches to the game using his knowledge, experience and winning mentality. One tournament does not make a poor manager!!


I could and will write a full blog on this subject, so watch this space. But I will add here that, the players went to South Africa with too much pressure on their shoulders, built up by a country over-hyping their chances in a major tournament.

One final appearance and one semi-final appearance in World Cup history, is a poor return for a so-called footballing power. If you take the mentality of nations like Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Italy etc, they expect to win but have built their squads to relax and enjoy the tournaments as their abilities can and will do the rest.

Slogans of ‘Maybe, Just Maybe’ or ‘England Expects…’, this list does go on and on, are not the mentality of a winning nation who want to and will succeed. Words like;


These words are almost taboo subjects on these shores and the sooner this changes, quite frankly, the better.

The Players

They did ultimately let the nation down and we cannot hide away from these faces. Under performing, exhaustion and the long old haul of the Premier League season are factors which need to be considered should we aim to improve in the future or always be also-ran.

But lets look at the actual actions of the players, I’m almost embarrassed to say they are English. Firstly they are spoilt and over-paid but this is a fundamental problem within the game and I would take the money too, but fractions within the group including the old north/south divide need to end immediately.

The John Terry rant, the Wayne Rooney rant, the rumours of boredom or complaining about not been able to have a beer or two, this list goes on and simply it gets more pathetic with each passing comment.

Grow up, realise you are in a privileged position and think about the millions of English football fans who fight tooth and nail to be able to follow the national side, support from home and frankly spend their incomes on watching the players under-perform.

I’d love to play for my country and we need to return this sense of pride to our footballers and not just have them going through the motions for financial gain.


Yes, I would love a career in the media but frankly several media publications and outlets need to take a long, hard look at how they have played a part in bringing down many an English side over the years and be disgusted at their actions.

Couple this will a nation who a thirsty to see the great, the good and the ugly brought down a peg or two in the process, whilst purchasing these said publications.

The media need to be more diplomatic and I am frankly appalled that some of the journalists in the country have jobs.


Football Association

Arguably the most embarrassing excuse for a british company, though BP have helped save the F.A. from many a headline in the media over the past few months.

Constant changes of Chief Executive and Chairman, no input from well-known ex-footballers or ex-managers other than the well-respected Sir Trevor Brooking (pictured below) and an organisation hell-bent of self-gain, media publicity and bringing down the nations favourite sport.

This organisation needs to be changed and changed immediately, it needs to be run for football and by football. This will help prevent ‘sex scandals‘, the continued mocking of Wembley stadium and any other problems, which will rear their ugly heads.



The blood line and heartbeat of the English game, yet where are the so-called stars of tomorrow? Why aren’t we succeeding at Under 21/20/19/18/17 tournaments and if we do reach the latter stages of these tournaments, where is the proof?

James Milner was the only survivor of last summers Under 21 final loss to Germany in our team, the German team included four of their starting team from that day. People now struggle to even name the players from that side who represented England, yet we are contemplating Manuel Almunia or Charles N’Zogbia for national recognition.

We do overpay our coaches. FACT. We do overpay our players FACT. We have developed the Premier League, yet neglected the English game. FACT.

We need to work harder at the grass-roots of the game; Did you know? Germany have 1 UEFA Qualified coach for every 17 players in Germany, we have one for every 867! I rest my case!

Thanks for listening, please as always let me know your thoughts on the above and where do you feel we could/should make the changes in the English game.



8 Responses to “The English Inquisition Begins…”

  1. Tokyote Says:

    I agree with many points that you commented, although I am not inside the English football: I am Brazilian living in Japan.
    I grow up in a country in wish Football is such a National passion too, that in World Cup Brazil games, all Nation will be with the TVs and radios turned on, companies provide ways to employers watch the matches, many in their own homes,with family.
    Football is a dream of millions of boys in poor slams,that know that the Sport can give them the only opportunity to have a professional career in a society with many economical and social contrasts.
    Brazilian players are being hired by the great European Clubs and that make our domestic clubs continuously open opportunities to new talents ,to keep a good level at national tournaments without the great idols playing at home.
    The experience, technical discipline and optimal physical performance that Brazilian players develop when in European clubs help to improve the domestic clubs, when and if they back home. But, many times, the high money and fame speaks louder than the real Football and can overshadow the talent of many players and coaches in a a way that they become superstars,too difficult to deal in a National Team effort.
    I wonder if this is not the same thing that is happening with European football… players turned in Superstars of Media and being seduced by fashion industry and somehow keeping their feet away of the real game!
    While the Brazilian and South American Teams need often to hire new talents to replace that one that migrate to European Football, it seen that European National Clubs forget to invest in their domestic new generations,as their Money can hire any talented player and coach around the Globe.
    My point: This 2010 World Cup shows how the Money is killing the real Sport in the countries where the Football has the best opportunities to grow up. Where is the football beauty? In the fashion magazines?
    Italy played with too old players, for example. Where are the new talents of their domestic Football?
    Why France back home earlier too?
    Look at a emergent power as Asian teams where Football was not a known Sport until last decade. South Korea and Japan are working really hard and fast to improve their skills.What they have of great is the sportive talent to be developed in a genuine way, other that the seductive Media high exposure and luxurious life styles.
    South America Teams won`t stop to discover new talents to replace their players that are contracted by the richest clubs in the world.
    People that know how difficult is break all social stigmas for born in a slam, to show their real talent and shine, often keep in touch with the real world and people.
    Brazilian National team could easily feel comfortable in South Africa culture, visiting slams, talking with children and spreading hope to millions of people fighting for their place in the world. They related with the local people in a way that turned them in local supporters.
    European teams arrived as superstar and kept themselves as the old times dominant colonialists, with superiority complex over the locals: heard that many were isolated in luxury hotels due incapacity to deal with the local environment and people.
    So, when I heard English people and BBC blaming coach Capello and the FIFA by the defeat in the last game, I could simple think that in that match won the luckier one…
    While South America, Africa and Asia invest in domestic talent and an original Football, Old World is ruling a high profitable business once called sport.

    • gafferssportsblog Says:

      Thanks for your wonderful comment Mari,

      The points you made are very true as the Brazilian league or Asian leagues sell players to fund the progress of their leagues and to allow their club sides to sustain financial stability whereas English clubs are debt ridden and funds come predominantly from television rights, marketing and the fans which allows them to neglect the home grown talents at their disposal.

      I don’t believe the BBC are blaming Capello but so many aspects as I mentioned are to blame, the English game across all levels needs a complete revamp or we will forever be facing the problems shown up so embarrassingly in South Africa over the pastfew weeks.

      Thanks for you comments, Cheers, Gaffers

  2. Tokyote Says:

    Thank you, I am learning a lot with our late discussions over beer and tweets!
    Well, from now, Viva Brazil Team! ^o^ ♥♬♪♬♥

  3. Tokyote Says:

    I agree! Maradona is doing a great job ,exercising Democracy with Argentina Team an bring a big union! They have a very high self confidence in the field and know that can trust their fellows as a Team.
    But my hear is still Yellow and Green, color of Hope!
    Anyway, South America has Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay to cheers up!
    Viva Los Hermanos ^o^ ♥♬♪♬♥

  4. Tokyote Says:

    I mean, my HEART is Yellow and Green,sorry, misppelled

  5. Tokyote Says:

    Yes, Brazil lost from Holland
    In this world cup, Coach Dunga hs limited interference of Globo Television in his work and training of Brazilian National Team. This conflict divided the public opinion about the Coach and his tactics to reach the 6th Cup;
    Now, will begin Brazilian inquisition.

    • gafferssportsblog Says:

      Thanks again for your comments.

      The inquisition will begin for many teams, especially Brazil. The second half performance was extremely poor from Brazil but the Dutch played very well especially Sneijder, who is having a great tournament.

      Cheers, Gaffers

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