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Things I Have Noticed So Far…

June 14, 2010

The greatest football tournament, sorry the greatest sporting event alongside the Olympic Games, has begun in South Africa over the previous weekend, though you probably knew this and I thought I would share my thoughts on some of my observations.

Don’t worry, this will not contain a ‘easy-to-do’ have a go at Robert Green or an acknowledgement that it has been way too long for the tournament to finally be held in Africa.

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The Return Of Mark Halsey

January 27, 2010

Yes this is a sports blog and ultimately I do write about sport.

Though occasionally I like to focus on the bravery of people within sport, Lance Armstrong and Sir Bobby Robson, immediately spring to mind.

This man is no different, well I guess he is, this man is Mark Halsey (pictured above) and this courageous human being is different, he is the man in the middle, the man we all love to hate.

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