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Spread The Word

September 2, 2010

In a week that has seen him hit the headlines with the release of his memoirs, I thought it only fair the former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, be given credit and recognition, when both are rightly due.

I’ll admit I stumbled across this fantastic foundation whilst looking at potential sports courses to do, prior to my dreaded knee injury back in January of this year. What I found needs more attention, recognition and ultimately, it needs taking advantage of.

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Flying The Flag

February 24, 2010


Young Ambassador

With the current economic problems affecting the north-east of England more than most and what with our sports teams not exactly performing to the levels their passionate fans truly deserve, we could do with a ray of light or two.

Well, I have one shining example we need to be well and truly proud of. I present a case for the defence; Sophie Brown, aged 16, from South Durham.

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