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Flying The Flag

February 24, 2010


Young Ambassador

With the current economic problems affecting the north-east of England more than most and what with our sports teams not exactly performing to the levels their passionate fans truly deserve, we could do with a ray of light or two.

Well, I have one shining example we need to be well and truly proud of. I present a case for the defence; Sophie Brown, aged 16, from South Durham.

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Exclusive Interview With Iain O’Brien

January 16, 2010

Life throws many a challenge at all of us in everyday life and Iain O’Brien (OB), the now retired New Zealand international cricketer it was no different.

I caught up with Iain (pictured above) on Friday, to discuss life, moving to England, twitter, English weather and even cricket!!

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Exclusive Interview With Harry Gration

August 6, 2009

This was an opportunity I just couldn’t turn down. I had to take advantage of some time with a legend of BBC North (Leeds), The Rugby League Show and Final Score regular.

Yes it is the one and the only Harry Gration.

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Exclusive Interview With Dizzy & Tuffers

August 6, 2009


Picture the scene……

The weather is overcast but arguably ideal bowling conditions, there is a slight wind and play is scheduled to start at 12.30pm, the pitch is in as good a condition as possible and the crowd is gathering.

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