Who Will Win The 2010 Football World Cup?

As the World’s greatest football tournament is due to get under way in South Africa and play out over the coming month, who do you think will win the tournament?

Will you be backing England under the guidance of Fabio Capello or will you go for tournament favourites, Spain, Brazil or Italy? Maybe an outsider like the Ivory Coast or the United States?

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2 Responses to “Who Will Win The 2010 Football World Cup?”

  1. Jonathan Riverhorse Says:

    England should not be troubled by the Group Stages of the Fifa World Cup. Capello’s team have enough, more than enough to beat the USA by the odd goal and cruise past Algeria and Slovenia. However, a rubicon of tradition needs to be crossed in the qualifying game for the last 8. Many pundits predict a game against Ghana but I’ve a sneaking suspicion our old freinds (and foes) Germany/Serbia could be lining up against the Three Lions in that first knockout game. This is THE point for me in the tournament. Because I honestly believe our true enemy is extra time & penalties. Whilst friendlies are undoubtedly beneficial to team spirit and general team morale, the scenario which resurfaces time and again for England is the penalty opt out card employed by opposition. It’s not called sudden death football for nothing and friendlies simply don’t drill you for it. You know what I’m referring to; that scrappy, nail biting dog-fight with an old foe who-scared of Lennon’s pace or Rooney’s energy-shuts up shop halfway through the first half. Such situations are frightening because we are traditionally ‘bad’ now. Every penalty taker locked into a powerful vortex as he runs up in that hissing charged silence of stadium reality. It’s now almost our birthright to miss valiantly to the tune of ‘Born Slippy’. My own guess is the first five will probably go in but 7, 8, 9 is the tricky bit. You can train all you like on penalties, but after 120 minutes of sodden do or die-maybe against the Germans-history, adrenaline and sheer ‘bottle’ must combine if we’re to leap with joy from behind Gran’s settee. One thing is certain, if we do beat Germany on penalties the dragon will finally be slain forever and we can -at last- breath fire on tradition for a change.

    • gafferssportsblog Says:

      Cheers for the comment Jonathan,

      It’s a very pasisonate comment, I almost shouted ‘COME-ON’ after reading it…

      Penalties will play a part (as always), though my tune wiuld be ‘Walkaway’ by Cast (lump in throat as I write), can we succeed at this sudden-death lottery?
      We will have to in order ot win this tournament!!

      Cheers, Gaffers

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