Sports Marketing Has Gone Mad

Ok before you start saying “well the sports need the money and the players deserve it for their own successes“, this isn’t about the use of marketing, branding and advertising within the world of sport, but it is about selling your soul in as tacky a way as possible .

Before I continue; how many of you can tell me what a DLF maximum is?

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4 Responses to “Sports Marketing Has Gone Mad”

  1. newsmediaimages Says:

    Did the man from del monte say yes? or did he say evolution rules !

  2. Darren Mitchell Says:

    Totally agreed cuz. It’s shocking and really grinds my gears. Has it all now become a sports entertainment like Wrestling? It’s getting that way to be honest (I don’t mean planned scripts, just the £££££ side of it!)

    As I’ve been saying lately, “Money makes the ball roll round!”

  3. englandsnumber6 Says:

    Advertising is at its best or worst in the USA, the UK and the rest of the world are way behind, and now product placement is allowed on British tv so we will see brand names on tv shows that pay for it up front. I dont see the problem, its progress and business, the blog writer sounds like a dinosaur whinging, get over it mate.

  4. gafferssportsblog Says:

    Cheers for reading and adding your comments,

    I’m all for progress and business development in sport. But if progress comes in the form of yellow football boots and a gatorade buggy, then I’m more than happy to be a ‘whinging dinosaur’.

    Keep reading, cheers Tyrannosaurus Gaffers,

    P.s. The deal with the man from del monet has been put on hold as he wanted me to write whilst wearing an orange shaped suit!

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