Is Giggs The Greatest?

Ryan Giggs

As I watched the Manchester derby on Sunday afternoon, an admiration that I had already developed for one player grew as he turned back the years and set about making the expensive Manchester City defence look amateurish at best.

The frenetic pace of the first half had passed him by but once the pace slowed slightly the mercurial Ryan Giggs, now at the tender age of 35 dictated the play and proved yet again that he is a legend of the great game.

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2 Responses to “Is Giggs The Greatest?”

  1. Matt Dean Says:

    Hey Derek,
    i couldn’t agree more! Giggs was/is truelly amazing. The pundits talk about the “hunger” that Fergie instills in his teams that keeps them winning trophies season after season, but I think with Giggs there’s more. He’s arguably outplayed his piers in the nineties; Gary Neville is a fringe player now, Scholes has moments of greatness and adds something as a team player. But to command such great skill and dictate team play at his age, Giggs is really outstanding. I’m doing the fantasy league thing for the 1st time this year (very badly I might add) and I’m very close to including him in the midfield, which when you consider the wealth of younger talent up there, is a great thing.

    On Man U’s current squad, I hope we keep grinding results out, but I don’t think we’ll retain the title. Loosing Ronaldo was too much. Yes we still have Rooney upfront, but he’s not on the hot streak that Torres or Drogba are. Rooney’s propensity to wander around positionally is great in terms of shoring up midfield and aiding the flow of the game, but he’s distracted from just scoring goals. It’s interesting that in Chelsea’s new system under Ancelotti, Lampard is sitting deeper and Drogba/Anelka are ripping up the goals. I don’t think in this weakened utd side Rooney will have the opportunity to really be free to score goals. Owen is out so really it’s down to Berbatov – and he ain’t no Drogba or Torres…

    Anyway, enjoying your blog and i hope you’re well.


  2. gafferssportsblog Says:

    Hi Matt,

    Cheers for the in-depth comment. United will even if they don’t admit it miss Tevez this season and to not have had Giggs on the bench on Saturday was criminal.

    Makes for a very interesting season and as you say Giggs longevity is arguably his greatest quality.

    Take care and pleased you enjoy reading my blog.


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