Guest Blog – Brian T. Mair

Ladies and Gentleman,

Another in my popular line of guest blogs; this time I introduce to you Brian T. Mair, another good friend of mine. Brian is 28 from Sunderland and is a knowledgeable follower of all sports and his beloved Sunderland football club.

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3 Responses to “Guest Blog – Brian T. Mair”

  1. Mark Evans Says:

    Richards (or Warren as is his nickname – as in warren ugly b—–d!) was a true star of the game as a player, but in this case has been caught red handed (excuse the pun!) although i think he has taken one on the chin for the sport, as he is not the only one guilty!

    As for Mr Graham, he needed the long coats to conceal all those envelopes, but even though gaffers knows i am not an Arsenal fan, i think he was caught out at a time when many managers saw this sort of thing as their christmas bonus!!!!

  2. Brian Mair Says:

    Indeed, I agree, every good scandal does need a scapegoat and the best ones need several.
    There was a whole cast of participants in bloodgate as there were in the tapping and backhanders row as documented on panorama a year or so back.
    It again highlights my point that being infamous still makes you famous mssrs allardyce and redknapp can assert to this.
    Can Mike Newell? Case closed guvnor.

  3. gafferssportsblog Says:

    Firstly thanks to Brian for writing this piece, much appreciated.

    Secondly as both have mentioned it appears to be a prominent part of sport which the authorities have struggled to deal with and even the occasional police raid or tv docu hasn’t fully exposed these cheats.

    We either accept it is part of sport to try to cheat or the punishments need to be life time bans, which I agree with.

    Thanks for comments Gents,

    Enjoy your weekends sport.


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