My Football Manifesto

I have had enough if I am been frank. Football is not longer about the playing of the beautiful game it has become more about inconsistent decisions, hiding the truth and rewarding the unrewardable.

I am here today to present to you my manifesto to return the game to the days of glorious, thought provoking and inspiring football. I can here you gasp in wonder that the game will one day be its old self.

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2 Responses to “My Football Manifesto”

  1. Ash Says:

    hi Dezza.

    I actually agree (after a long read) on alot of aspects you picked upon! ,

    Alothough i will say, i do not belive branding people cheats.. by this im guessing your meaning divers? , they are a part of the game, all ways have been all ways will be!
    Cheat’s in the sence of taking drugs i totally agree with, more than a 4 game ban. should be atleast 2 years, this will teach people not to do it. i belive it could ruin the game one day! , lets hope you get in charge first ey!!

    And the thing about “blood substitues” will get used unprovokingly (like the rugby scam!) and people qould just use this to an advantage to them! .. that is not something i would agree on at all.

    Cheers Ash.

  2. gafferssportsblog Says:

    Hi Ash,

    Cheers for your comments, the cheating was meant sirectly towards on the playing field as I believe it will cut out diving, deliberate heand balls and disrespecting the ref.

    Drugs cheats should be banned for life in my opinion.

    The rugby union incident was different as they brought on a kicker to win the game and in football blood injuries should not result in his team been punished so a like for like swap would suffice.

    Cheers for reading,

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