The Ashes Finale

The ashes has reached a crescendo and the talking can stop as the fifth and final test is almost upon us.

I can hardly wait, but I’m not sure if I really want to look.

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4 Responses to “The Ashes Finale”

  1. Dodsy Says:

    You boys are off to a good start !

    We saw an awsome Chelsea side last night. They are my prediction for the title !!

  2. Mark Evans Says:

    Can’t wait for this to begin!
    The oval is usually a good venue for England, but i agree that all the momentum is with the aussies, especially as England have a middle order that has not pulled it weight yet!

    However all that aside, its time to pull together and support the boys, go for everything, hold nothing back and lets regain the ashes!!!

    England expects that every man will do his duty (as the saying goes!)

    • gafferssportsblog Says:

      Cheers Mark,

      I’m getting more nervous by the minute.

      We have to perform, question is can we?


      Your country expects……..

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