My Premier League Preview

The season is here, the Premier League is about to open its doors and hopefully we are in for another fantastic season.

This is my club by club guide to the season and also how I think the season will end up.

It may not be right, so what do you think?

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12 Responses to “My Premier League Preview”

  1. Shawn Moore Says:

    Remember that at the dawn of the Super League era Bradford were not really considered a big, big club but through success on the field and great marketing and PR off the field the fans returned and they filled Odsal Stadium.

    This is exactly what has happened at clubs like Huddersfield during the last ten years where fantastic off-field work has increased their fan base and quite regularly get attendances that match Leeds, Wigan, St Helens and Bradford, if not surpassing them sometimes. Not to mention their continued progress on the pitch too which is all important in keeping that fan base.

    Challenge Cup finalists, third in the Super League so far this season – are they about to break the big four of rugby league?

    • gafferssportsblog Says:

      Thanks for your comment Shawn,

      I will be writing about OUR favourite rugby league team in the very near future so look out for that blog.

      But I had to dedicate the well done to them!!

      Cheers, Gaffers

  2. Mark Evans Says:


    Your Predictions seem reasonable, i think it will be too close to call between Man U, and Chelsea, but with Liverpool stronger than the gooners
    Think Man C. will take some time to gell together, but will finish fifth with Spurs, Everton and Villa all fighting for the last European spot as you say!
    Everton and villa have done very little transfer business, and ultimately this may hurt them later in the season, with smaller squads!

    • gafferssportsblog Says:

      Thanks Mark,

      I believe it will be close, just with Chelsea having kept their starting XI in tact they will have a very good opportunity.

      Should be interesting all the same, Cheers Gaffers

  3. Chris Says:

    Hi Gaffers,

    I’d swap Arsenal down to being lower, and Liverpool back up to 3rd. Check my predictions here,


    • gafferssportsblog Says:

      Cheers Chris,

      Opinions are why we love the game will be an interesting season, Arsenal have more than Man City in my opinion and Villa are worse without Laursen and Barry.

      Keep reading

  4. Anil Says:

    Agree with most of what you say. United surely are weaker without Ronaldo and Tevez. But Ferguson knows his bit and should be able to clinch it in the end. Chelsea are strong and would run United close throughout the season. They might fare well in the Champions League as well. I also think Tottenham will be really strong and might finish 4th above Arsenal but below Liverpool.

    • gafferssportsblog Says:

      Thanks for your comments Anil.

      I am not a Harry Redknapp fan but Spurs have many good players, the problem is theyhave a very weak left side and this along with several injury prone centre backs will undo them this season.

      Should be a good season though.
      Enjoy your football and keep reading.

      • Anil Says:

        It surely should be a great season. Hope the Premier League proves it is better than the Spanish La Liga even without a few of the best players playing in Spain.



      • gafferssportsblog Says:

        I think as football fans Anil it should be a case of all leagues proving to be as good as each other then it sets a precedent for the upcoming World Cup.

        Cheers, Gaffers

      • Anil Says:

        Yep. Ideally that would be great for football. However, its the law of nature that some things are just better than the others. I love to watch good football irrespective of the teams and the league. But I must say that its because of the same reason I love the EPL. It was so close last year with the fate of teams being decided at the very end. And that, I think, makes EPL really special.

  5. Mo Bamba Says:

    Good prognostic for the league, Chelsea may not only win the title but could go for a defeat free campaign. With regards to the champion’s league, I also see the blues lifting the trophy. Barcelona without Eto’o is like Arsenal without Henry. I think Hull will go down and also Newcastle and Boro to reclaim the premiership status.
    Great vision for the season, I am in Paris enjoy few days off.
    Keep it Up! Mo

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